Sunday, August 16, 2009

Men are like....Cats!!!

It occurred to me in a conversation with Kris today, and after reflection on the strange ways of men that seem to manifest almost daily, that we have been the victims of some really funny patriarchal propaganda for a long time. The notion that men are like dogs and somehow Women are like cats.......pure (though subtle) propaganda! How many do you see in the 'femdom' world referring to men as dogs, for example. (even dressing them up as dogs!) How many crazy similarities are drawn between Women and cats in pop culture?
Here is my BIG thought.
Men are like Cats!
Dogs, after all, are typically loyal above all else. They live to love. They are social. They are sensitive to the emotions, feelings and every nuance of those around them. THAT does not sound like men in any way! Men are not dogs at all!
But cats.....
Cats are only around as long as they are being 'fed'. (think about it) If they love, it is not particularly obvious beyond an occasional physical action (rubbing against you and moaning), They like to tear apart things that mean something to you, and they are solitary...NOT social. Men are cats!
Another myth and manipulation of the!

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  1. Wow, Goddess Gina you are right again as always. Although you could even go a little bit worse then a cat and say us men are like pigs because we love to revel in our own shit and think our shit don't stink when everyone else can clearly smell the stinch. Have a glorious day Goddess Gina!!!! :)