Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapup from TEDxWomen 2012: Looking Forward and Being Inspired

Here is a great start to your full Recap of this year's TEDxWomen event, at the Paley Center for Media.

Great presentations and takeaways. See the videos and more.

Read the wrapup from TEDxWomen 2012 here

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Counts Her Christmas Presents for 2012

A fun thing to do in SL.....opening your gifts on Christmas morning!

I arranged 19 gifts I received in SL on a small island in Future Femdom, and had great fun sorting through them and seeing the amazing creativity! I have been warmed by the incredible love and care. Second Life can be a wonderful place to see positive spirits in action!

I have been so busy traveling and activist-ing that I havent had the time I'd like to shower my SL friends with gifts, so I thought Id at least post this big thank you and explain the great gifts that are on display here........

(moving from left to right...)

  1.  An opening Xmas card from Prim Perfect Magazine
  2.  A beautiful Xmas tree display, with gift boxes and card from LaFemme Meredith of Domaine La Fignonne 
  3. An Xmas card from adult star Quinn Ying
  4. Very cute giftbox that makes snow! from artist Betty Tureaud
  5. An Xmas card from scripter and Vortex staffer Joshewa Daniels
  6. an AMAZING Xmas snow globe (a real work of art) from Neeks Karu
  7. An opening Xmas card from artist and photographer Nicci Winsmore
  8. Xmas card from artist SkyBlue Earthboy and Nobo
  9. A BEAUTIFUL Xmas decoration (candelabra with tree and spinning fan) from my great friend Deshirelle Despres
  10. An opening Xmas card from Nedria Cyr (Vortex staffer and builder)  & Lucavi
  11. An Incredible work of christmas tree art (untitled) from Asmita Duranjaya
  12. An entire box STUFFED with gifts from builder and everything-doer Kalanite Bluestar
  13. A beautiful Fire Pit from builder XINIDU Kirax (we just might leave this on the island permanently!) 
  14. A super cute message-delivering holiday bear from friends Sandflea Lorefield and BBQBill Odriscoll (Cozy Chaotics) 
  15. A super cute Feliz Navidad hat from artist Martazul Zemlja
  16. A music-playing card from Ayla MacIntyre (Ayla's Garden) 
  17. A very well down slideshow screen (lots of holiday photos)  from Kephra Nurmi
  18. A gorgeous poster from Yman Juran…(Light, Life & Love)…. (Changhigh Trinity Sisters) 
  19. A very funny joke card from Petlove Petshop! (always a laugh)
Thanks to everyone for the great gifts! And to everyone else, please support the artists and creators of Second Life. Their imaginations and love make the virtual world go around!
Love, Gina

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 Future Femdom Holiday Catalog/Guide Out Now: Liberating Femdom in Second Life

2013 Future Femdom Holiday Catalog/Guide Out Now

The best way to keep up with all of the new areas and features of the city and all of the new items!
The Catalog has every landmark and image to help you explore the exciting world of Societal Matriarchy in Second Life.

  • The new Chocolate Boutique, Beauty Pod and Bathing Pod in the 'House of the Future' in the sky above the city.
  • The new Red Room play area, with our new line of very affordable 'play furniture' for great play parties!
  • Three art exhibits! Help support Future Femdom and purchase some art today!
The 2013 Future Femdom Holiday Catalog/Guideis available inworld in any of the various Reading Seats throughout the city, or at the Landing Point and many other locations. There is also a website version of the Future Femdom catalog being compiled

Monday, December 17, 2012

December is the Month of the Love of Creation: Ginette Pinazzo and Future Femdom Wish You Blessings From The Celestial Sisterhood

Love of the Goddess of Creation, the Universe, the Center Where We Meet

December is the Month of the Love of Creation.

Ginette Pinazzo and Future Femdom Wish You Blessings From The Celestial Sisterhood

Celebrate all of Creation, the acts of Creation, the love we can experience everyday, because of the Wonders of Creation.

Celebrate by being Creative!
Celebrate by Creating new relationships, new loves, new passions.
Celebrate by Creating a home, for your friends, family and your community.
Celebrate by Creating a Home in your Heart!

Celebrate by Creating acts of love, kindness, compassion.
Celebrate by Creating something new and wonderful, every day.
Celebrate by Creating something new for the World.

Love, Gina

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Femdom Squeeze Chair: Train Bootslaves and Relax at Same Time

The next item in our new line of affordable play furniture at Future Femdom, the Femdom Squeeze Chair is a fun way to relax and 'milk' a man at the same time, using your feet, shoes or boots.

Simply sit on the chair, while a slave sits on the floor pillow, stretch your legs as the worm does the work....A fun way to train bootslaves, for example.

Teleport to see the new Femdom Squeeze Chair now

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Perfect Sister: Poem by slave peter

We openly encourage men to write letters, prayers, stories and poems. Getting them to think and write about the Sisterhood is a very important part of increasing their awareness. The following pieces was submitted by slave peteraka2

My perfect sister holds me tight
My perfect sister kisses me goodnight
My perfect sister knows when I’m mad
My perfect sister helps me when I’m sad
My perfect sister is so smart
My perfect sister has my heart
My perfect sister is good and nice
My perfect sister holds me at night
My perfect sister loves me lots
My perfect sister ties the knot
My perfect sister is here to stay
My perfect sister I have until this very day
My perfect sister I wish you well
My perfect sister yes I can tell
My perfect sister asked if I lied
My perfect sister knows if I’ve cried
My perfect sister has moved away
My perfect sister is in my heart to and will always stay

- slave peteraka2

Sunday, December 2, 2012

TEDxWomen 2012 at the Paley Center For Women: The Space Between

Please visit the TedXWomen site to read all about this year's all new TED event at the Paley Center for Media!

Paley Center has locations in New York and Los Angeles, and leads the discussion about the cultural, creative, and social significance of television, radio, and emerging platforms for the professional community and media-interested public. The Center has a great history of hosting events about Women in media, business and thought-leaders about

This year, TedXWomen has the theme 'The Space Between'. Please check the site for updates, reviews and videos. It's always an inspiring occasion!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gene That Makes Women Happy!

Gene That Makes Women Happy Identified

And here I always thought the secret was:
  • chocolate
  • family
  • creative freedom
Anyway, it's nice to see medical science catching up....

Read this exciting medical research news!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks! A Message of Peace from Ginette Pinazzo to Second Life Residents

In honor of our North American membership, happy harvest festival! (Thanksgiving!) Lets pause to thank SL, each other, and all residents  for bringing us closer., making new memories and offering wonderful experiences. And don't forget, in Japan: Labor Thanksgiving Day is the following day, so give thanks worldwide!

Yes, its not unusual to complain abt things, about Second Life, for example. It's not unusual to overlook the joy and wonder around us. Let's remember the good work and passion that so many contribute to the experience everyday. People are just human, humans just people, after all. It is amazing that they rise above shortcomings and bring magic into the world. Despite the pitfalls and blunders that comprise humanity daily, the Goddess of Creation smiles upon us all.

Enjoy life and thank those around you for being such an important part of it!

- Love, Gina (Ginette Pinazzo)

Monday, November 19, 2012

On A Boat! Relaxing at Future Femdom in Second Life with Ginette Pinazzo

Whether you enjoy playing with men or not, one of the best parts about Future Femdom is the chance to 'get away' from it all and relax. To me, a big part of 'femdom' is that we can enjoy life without the archaic manipulations of the patriarchy. We can ignore men if we want, and toss them aside as the casual playthings they were created to be. We can use them if desired, but they are not ever the focus.

As I write in the welcome card to Future Femdom: Woman is Humanity; Men are the accessories.

This is why we have meditation and relaxation areas at Future Femdom, and many things to do aside form slave-play. Yes, I know that, in Second Life, residents often are sex-obsessed. And also very bdsm-obsessed. You just can't avoid that! Escape is a big aspect of SL, after all.

Escape is the main reason we provide as much 'get-away' space as possible.

Future Femdom may have a lot of fun ways to play with slaves, of course...that's part of the mission.......but we are really a New Wave Feminist awareness, inspiration and education are out focus. Come here to breathe free, away from the restraints and absurd expectations, discriminations, prejudices and biases of the patriarchal-influenced mainstream. Relax here and enjoy the simple truth that WE are becoming the mainstream, more and more every day.

Virtual worlds like Second Life can lead the way, showing the trending of the future as it lives and breathes. Future Femdom is your place to experience the inner truths that are even now, rising to the surface of reality. Come and relax with us!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting those tight boots to fit!

Great post:

My calves won’t fit in those boots (pssttt yes they will)!!!


.....Practical advice about getting those boots stretched to fit!

Read more....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November is the Month of Passion! Send Those Letters to Future Femdom!

According to the Year Of Love Calendar, November is the Month of Passion!

This is the time to recognize and celebrate: Warmth and Desire, wild and free, love that drives Us

In the spirit of Passion, please send letters, prayers and stories all about Passion to Ginette Pinazzo. (if they are good, we'll publish them!)

Also visit the Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood and the see the Femstar exhibit, to learn all abbout the many months of love!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Stain: Story by slave david

slave david wrote a cute story called The Stain, and its been added to the growing library of slave-submitted stories on the Future Femdom website

Read the story here

Anyone can send stories for possible use inworld via Notecard to Ginette Pinazzo

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life On Mars Exhibit at Future Femdom: T.L. Mars Lives On Through The Sisterhood

We've collected some of the best works by renowned SL artist T.L. Mars into one area called the Life On Mars exhibit, in the matriarchal city of Future Femdom in Second Life.

T.L. created some very imaginative and compelling pieces, and even some very exclusive works for Future Femdom.

The often light-hearted, amusing and intriguing works have graced the walkways of Future Femdom for a long time, and now we have decided to give them new focus as they deserve.

T,L. Mars has been gone from Second Life for some time now, and we miss her dearly. I know that her energy and enthusiasm lives on through her work.

In the great Circle, we all stay connected.  We miss you, T.L.!

Visit the Life On Mars Exhibit now

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Second Life Idiot Of The Day: Stupid Men That Stumble Into Future Femdom

I know this isnt really worth a blog post. After all, since when do stupid men get internet real estate on a  busy blog? Well, I think these tiny items have some comedy it indicates exactly how regressive SL can be sometimes....PLUS it seems to be a blogger tradition to paste chat logs on rare occasion.....

So Zara seemed to be AFK with a man named bulldog standing next to her.......

[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo: welcome to FF bulldog....the 3 basic rules are in the spinning cubes above (required)

[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo: Hi Zara

[11:47] BulldogBabel: Hi
[11:47] BulldogBabel: sorry Zara is afk at the moment

[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo: ok...well you can read and follow the basic rules, then...since youre not afk.....just touch the cubes
[11:48] BulldogBabel: I did thanks


[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo: by follow I mean follow, of course

[11:50] BulldogBabel: I read, I have no intention of following them, when Zara is back we'll be leaving you in peace :)

[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo: then leave now
[11:51] BulldogBabel: read above she's afk
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo: Ill tell Zara that you left
[11:51] BulldogBabel: eject me if you're that small minded, I'll wait with her otherwise thanks

(ejected and banned)
Note: that photo attached is not of the pointless bulldog, but I thought it fit well

Monday, November 5, 2012

A More Female-Friendly Second Life? Visit and Support the Matriarchal Hub and Womens Resource Center in SL

In the ongoing effort to help Second Life become a more female-friendly environment, we ask you to visit and support the constantly evolving Matriarchal Hub and Womens Resource Center.

The center has 5 main categories with new links to resources added every week.

  1. Women in Business
  2. Women in Community
  3. Women in Culture
  4. Women in Society
  5. Women in Wellness

See the Matriarchal Hub in the Second Life Destination Guide (comment and Like the hub, please!)

Purpose of the Hub:
To gather resources in one central location to create a transformative experience that helps promote a more female-friendly virtual world environment. Despite virtual worlds 'leading the way' in many areas, they still often perpetuate sexist and often misogynist trends. Within Second Life, for example, misogynist cults and rape culture are rampant. These destructive and barbaric tendencies are not even buried, but are very close to the surface. It is possible to find 'gorean' content (a thinly disguised misogynist cult) marketed on the homepage when residents first enter SL. Issues like this can easily be addressed with a campaign of awareness and education.  (many Gorean followers, for example, may not even realize the content they condone is based on rape and kidnapping)
The Matriarchy Hub/Womens Resource Center seeks to be an early step in the long process of awareness and education to alter the culture of Second Life to become more in-synch with changing demographics, to reflect and address the new cultures of Empowerment, women-as-leaders, Women as the key resident market.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogs of Note: RadFem Hub

Radfem HUB is a public, collective radical feminist blog, publishing content from established radical feminist bloggers from all around the world.

RadFem is an amazing central resource for research, event info and awareness that covers a wide range from thought-leaders in the 2nd, 3rd and New Wave feminist movements (and more!)

I can guarantee you'll find compelling content at RadFem!

Go to RadFem now!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art Of Dance: Ginette Pinazzo opens new exhibit at Future Femdom celebrating dance

A series of 12 pieces that represent forms of dance comprise a new art exhibit by Ginette Pinazzo, now on view at Future Femdom, Second Life's City of the Matriarchy.

The pieces are abstracts that seek to embody the spirit and energy of the body in motion that is synchronized with the soul of the music.

Art of Dance features:
Waltz, Swing, Disco, Foxtrot, Cha cha, Mambo, Merengue, Rhumba, Salsa, Samba, Ballydance and Tango

Visitors to the city can see the exhibit along the Gallery Walkway that surrounds the central Landing Point. Note that all FF rules apply, even to visitors, so please check the rules upon entry.

All of the work in the Art of Dance exhibit are for sale and proceeds go to the continual support of the Sisterhood in Second Life.

Teleport of Future Femdom now

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Femdom Sofa! Relax in Style at Future Femdom in Second LIfe

Relax in style with our new, very affordable sofa! Rest your feet on a naked man! The 'Femdom Sofa' is a simple and inexpensive piece of furniture now available at Future Femdom.

Try this cute sofa and purchase one as a gift!

Check out the new Femdom Sofa

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blogs Of Note: SaveMe Oh: Controversy Creativity and Comedy?

Part of my series of recommendations for interesting, exciting or useful blogs.

The always lovable, trending and controversial artist of Second LIfe, SaveMe Oh maintains a well-read blog abt her adventures in the virtual world. It's a wild ride of colorful commentary and quirky chat logs that range from hilarious to haunting.

SaveMe captures insight into the tumultuous world of Second Life, especially the dynamic and alluring 'art scene', that scene's inhabitants and personalities, and the ever-evolving 'drama' that some find addictive. Whether you love or hate (please don't hate!), the content is engaging and illustrates the absolutely energetic relationships that comprise the creative world of SL.

Is SaveMe a true protest artist or performance artist in the virtual world? Are those funny videos (machinima) works of poetic genius or cutting-edge comedy sketches? Are they both? You will have fun trying to find out in this blog. Like some of the best topical comediennes, SaveMe Oh never backs away from current goings-on in the SL universe.

Try some bitter chocolate with the sweet at SaveMe Oh's blog

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Loving Power of Worship Energy: A Glimpse Provided by Ginette Pinazzo

I walk into a cafe.
Escaping the chaos of the world outisde.
This isn't a 'private room' (as there are few of those on modern society!) 

I order tea and look around to see dozens of men, already in their perpetual states of loving worship.
The bodies surround me on the floor, scurrying to provide love and passion. Their wonderful lips doing their work, or begging to do more.

I smile to my Sisters, who are in various states of coffee-sipping and book-reading, all surrounded by differing numbers of men,  slaves that have all been bred to be absolutely perfect in every way, enjoyable to watch, to touch, to sense. One man simply kneels aside and acts like a bookrest, while another is massaging calves. One squirms at the feet and prays with soft murmurs, while another is curled up in the corner praying just a bit louder.

I settle into the chair of my choice and wait for tea while flipping through a tablet, as two men crawl to my feet and moan beautiful things before beginning their ritual kissing of boot leather.

The days when that would have been distracting are long over, because this is normal now.

This is room filled with wonderful Worship Energy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Femdom Hunt 3 Starts Today! The Best of Matriarchy in Second LIfe!

The amazing Femdom Hunt starts today. This is the event's third incarnation! (yes, Matriarchy in SL is here to stay and is growing)

TFH runs October 12th through October 29thevent in Second Life.

There is information abt the hunt at the Future Femdom landing point.We are happy to be participating in this grid-wide event! (and we have a great hidden prize this time! See the clue at our Landing Point)

Also, read more here:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gor's Big Assault On Femdom: A Whimper Goes Nowhere

Yes, traffic has been light lately. It's times like this you sometimes get amusing little visits from some of Second Life's rudest. This was a resident with a  lot of 'gorean' groups in their profile. Just saying!

amarock Amat: meh your sim is kinda boring

Ginette Pinazzo: not half as boring as you!
its ok...we dont expect much in the way of respectful or intelligent comments from 'gor-people' is, however, amazing you were able to spell the word 'meh' have my permission to take a week's vacation to rest you brain after that expenditure!

(there were more remarks from amarock, but really...let's save those for another post)...goreans make me laugh...let's share the comedy!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Psalms of Woman by slave serf spot

Two wonderful pieces submitted by slave serf spot, emtitled Psalms of Woman.......

Psalm 1 of the Woman

i give thanks to the Women i serve directly who know i serve Them and Those who do not know but still serve.

Woman is God and God is Woman.

Praise Them for suffering my existence and i serve Them eagerly for They are my Masters

- slave serf

Psalm 2 of the Woman

the sun was ignited to show the power of Woman,
Her glory and Her paradise,
for mere simple men  shower in the light of Woman
and they revel in Her beauty and Her strength,
Her brilliance and darkness,
Her kindness and cruelty,
Her ability to heal and to wound,
Glorious Womankind guide us through Your dark to see Your light. Praise be Woman and suffer the man who serves You.
Praise be Goddess in all Her Glory!

- slave serf

We have these (and many of slave-submitted writings) on the Future Femdom site here

Friday, October 5, 2012

Support Future Femdom: Buy Some Art!

We have set all of the paintings in our Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood for sale this month. The Gallery is in the sky above the city of Future Femdom.

Each piece represents one of the Months Of Love, and is a Femstar symbol. These pieces make great gifts!

Please visit Future Femdom and the Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood to see the exhibit and purchase some art to show support for Matriarchy in Second Life!

Teleport Now

Monday, October 1, 2012

Embrace Your Inner Girl: Great Video with Eve Ensler

In this passionate talk, Eve Ensler declares that there is a girl cell in us all -- a cell that we have all been taught to suppress. She tells heartfelt stories of girls around the world who have overcome shocking adversity and violence to reveal the astonishing strength of being a girl.

See Video Now

Friday, September 28, 2012

Femdom Hunt 3 is Coming! Second Life's Amazing Matriarchal Event!

October 12th until October 29th, there will be another amazing Femdom Hunt event in Second Life.

A great way to experience the femdom side of SL and get some free gifts at the same time!

There is information abt the hunt at the Future Femdom landing point.We are happy to be participating in this grid-wide event!

Also, read more here:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Join and Support the Sisterhood: Come to Future Femdom in Second Life

Join and Support the Sisterhood by entering Second Life and exploring the city of Future Femdom, a 100% immersive societal matriarchy in SL. At Future Femdom, all men are bred to worship the entire Matriarchy.  It's not about 'bedroom sex' or 'slave ownership'...this isn't a BDSM place. Future Femdom is about Empowerment and Leadership, as Sisters lead the world. It is about working together to lead, as men learn to worship us as we do.

Learn more:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beware the Middle Management of Second LIfe: Poor Leadership Plagues the Virtual World

Hey, this might be part one in a series called 'Having a Career in Second Life: Are You Crazy?' - Gina

I'd have to characterize my 'career' in Second Life as a series of wonderful accomplishments punctuated by occasional brushes with ineptitude.  I can count those brushes on one hand, so they are infrequent, though traumatic in each case.

As you work in SL, doing whatever great things you envision, you will undoubtedly encounter what some people call 'drama'. I am not talking about drama (an overused term anyway). There are cases wherein I'd use the term appropriately, such as the 'drama' that many trolls cause on purpose, due to malevolence or incompetence. But again, this in not the subject of this article.

With the day-to-day 'drama' you may encounter, chances are you have reached a point where those issues don't even bother you. They are inconsequential. They are ephemeral.

No, I'm talking about the secret 'glass ceiling' of Second LIfe. SL's Middle Managers.

As you do your good work, and aspire to do better, you may reach a point where you encounter a certain cadre of residents. These are residents like any other, save for the fact they envision themselves as something far more. They envision themselves with more power, more influence, more credibility. This is not a problem on its own, and after all, there are people with more power, influence and credibility. The specific phenomenon to which I refer is rather insidious, because in Second Life, many of the Middle Managers dont have the maturity, ethics or experience to actually be responsible.

This is a dangerous situation because you may have very unqualified and possibly toxic personalities in 'positions' within Second Life that affect many people.With power, influence and credibility these people should have responsibility, yet too often I see that this cadre of residents lacks any positive leadership skills to fulfill the 'job' in a responsible manner.

Effective leaders excel in communication and listening skills, engage with their group, have awareness and facilitate creative investment from the members. This is a rare occurrence within the Middle Managers of Second Life. Too often, these Middle Managers are arrogant, unresponsive or outwardly destructive. Amazingly, as one would think the virtual world might 'lead the way' when it comes to networking and group dynamics, when you reach a certain level, you see the opposite is true. Top-down management, micromanagement or complete alienation are all common practices of the Second Life Middle Management. Sometimes it seems that Second Life is stuck in a 100-year old management style.

It doesn't help that the administration itself (Linden Labs) has, within its conduct, some of the worst practices of toxic management style. However, you don't even need to examine the practices of LL (which is another, admittedly more complex issue), to see the problem with the so-called Middle Management.

Typically, the Middle Managers of SL are self-appointed, though not always, such as in the Linden Endowment For The Arts, where they are hand-picked by the Lab. And not all of them are poor leaders, but if you are going to embark on a SL career, be prepared for the worst.

Realize that the Middle Management of SL has, within its population, some very unqualified and outright toxic personalities. These are residents who will stop at nothing to maintain their imagined positions. Always stay alert and never move too quickly. Never get too involved with them. Keep your privacy intact. It simply isn't worth risking the chance that a toxic personality will invade your privacy.

In group dynamics, Trust is always one of the most important topics. Be careful with your trust. These Middle Managers are simply not always responsible enough to value you as they should, and could turn on you within seconds. Keep a nice distance that is safe and be ready to stand up to defend what is right, despite the odds. Realize you may think you are working with someone at least as mature and responsible as you, but those facts may change quickly.

Tip: Maintain your own publicity and marketing, to survive whatever damage the Middle Managers may attempt to cause.

My career in Second Life has been largely fruitful. As I stated, the instances of toxic Middle Management have been few.
  • Back in the early days of Zindra's formation (the adult continent), both Lias Leandros / Blady Bommerang and Counter Landfall / Gavin Hird quickly revealed themselves to be toxic personalities that were self-imagined Middle Managers.  Because of their lack of responsibility they caused great damage. They tried to control or shut down conversations, acting as if they were authorities well beyond their actual positions. Their 'work' alienated countless residents, negatively impacted business and social aspects of SL, and directly led to the destruction of community on the adult mainland.
  • Within the LEA (Linden Endowment For The Arts) there was a small minority of Middle Managers who exercised unethical behaviors and almost destroyed the organisation through manipulation and political maneuvers. Because LEA is 'propped up' by Linden Labs, it survived, but nevertheless kept some of the same Middle Management. The legacy that is left is one of corruption, and a negative publicity sting that doesn't seem to be reversing.
I think a career in Second Life is a viable concept, if you have great ideas, perseverance, and the ability to perceive the danger of poor Leaders in advance.
Positive leadership is rare in SL.
Keep your eyes open. - Gina

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enjoy Delicious Chocolate and Be Worshiped by Ten Slaves at Once: New Bon Bon Chair at Future Femdom

Very excited to announce this all new item at Future femdom. The Bon Bon Chair allows you to sit and eat delicious chocolate candies, while being worshiped by up to ten men at once!

The chair includes a special 'wearable' bon bon candy (wear it from your Inventory)

The chair also includes a special 'rezzable' candy dish full of bon bons. If you 'sit' on the dish, you will be eating delicious bon bons from the dish.

Amazingly, the chair includes ten areas for slaves to use, so there is room for ten slaves to surround you and worship you as you eat!

This is the ultimate decadent deliciousness! This new chair is part of Future Femdom's Chocolate Boutique area.

Teleport to the Bon Bon Chair at Future Femdom now
Check out the entire Future Femdom catalog online

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Special Place In Hell: Sisters Hurting Sisters in Second LIfe

As Sisterhood takes the long and often painful journey towards the future, (carrying the future with it, as it does) and the endless work of awareness and enlightenment continue, three will always be dark moments.

In the virtual world of Second Life, it has been my joy to see Matriarchal principles flourish despite the sometimes stunning opposition from archaic and destructive elements.  However, a few dark moments do appear.

Predictably, we can expect a certain amount of foolishness and 'loud noise' from patriarchal movements, those who stubbornly cling to a past of arrogance and aggression. Anyone who follows or even senses the essence of 'new wave' feminism or coming Matriarchy knows that those loud noises are doomed to extinction anyway. Matriarchy is the natural evolution and Sisterhood simply washes over the arrogant (and out-of-control) men more and more each day. See the throngs of screaming 'boys' who lack self-control all over the world and realize they have limited time to get their affairs in order.

Now there are always 'good men' too. They evolve and become better. Eventually they all do.

But the dark moments are not about men, they are about Sisters. 
Call it cultural brainwashing, or a patriarchal hangover, but there are still Sisters out there who would prefer to chant the mantra of patriarchy and victimize other Sisters. They still prioritize men over their Sisters. They lash out and hurt Sisters and do not even see the damage they do to Sisterhood.

Educating men? No problem! That takes care of itself with time. Eventually, they fall into the wave of destiny. But educating some of our Sisters? Not so easy!

In Second Life, I've found it occurs far too often. Everything from public humiliation to disrespect to apathy towards the plight of Women in SL. (and yes, turning a blind eye to a Sister who is being discriminated against is tantamount to harming a do that and we all lose)

We have enough of a challenge overcoming odds in this world (virtual or otherwise) without the extra insidious phenomenon of Sister-on-Sister arrogance. Want to follow the script of the manipulative patriarchy? Then attack a Sister. You fall into the trap....

Or, as Madeleine Albright once famously said, 'There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women'.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Step By Step Guide: Using The Manicure Machine at Future Femdom

Within the Beauty Pod at Future Femdom, we have very one-of-a-kind Manicure Machine, which lets you preview exciting new nail designs...on your own nails!

The future is more convenient!

Check out the step-by-step guide on how to use the Manicure Machine

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beauty Pod at Future Femdom

We are very excited to be opening the new 'Beauty Pod' at Future Femdom!

In the sky above the city, we have been making a  'House of the Future'. Each room (pod) has its own purpose.

In the Beauty Pod, Sisters can sit on a chair and touch various screen for (simulated) closeups. Of course, there is also a mat for slave to lay underneath and provide worship.

Our famous Manicure Machine is also there, so you can test different nail styles. (a HOW TO notecard will be available soon)

Check out the Beauty Pod now

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Summer 2012 Future Femdom Catalog and Guide

We're very excited to announce the release of the new Future Femdom Guide and Catalog Summer 2012 edition.

The Guide includes every LM and texture for each and every item and area of Future Femdom, so you can explore and study various parts of the city.

The Guide is available at the Future Femdom Landing Point and also is contained within the many Reading Seats throughout FF. (a great way to sit on a slave to relax while browsing the book)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Old Men's Club at LEA: Linden Endowment For The Arts and The Cage

This is a story intended to amuse:
I am telling it here for one reason: to illustrate how the virtual world of Second Life is still plagued by archaic closed-mindedness and very predictable male egos, who love to throw those egos around in what I term the 'middle management' level of SL.

Some time ago, while I was on the board at LEA (Linden Endowment For The Arts), one of the many things I did (and was never thanked for, of course) was the project to get the LEA a proper Landing Point, and then have it listed in the Second Life Destination Guide. It had been rather ludicrous that LEA had neither an actual LP or Destination Guide listing since it formed, and in actuality, this amazing oversight indicates exactly how 'out of touch' the organisation was.

In any case, I spent countless hours working with the board and participating artists to create an open-air style radial platform with links to every aspect and area of LEA. This was designed to eventually tie into the LEA website (should it ever come to exist). The image at top should show the style of openess and welcomeness I was planning. (it may be hard to see the sightlines from the photo, but it was very open and had a lot of links and accessible content) The LEA had so many departments and ongoing projects that there were dozens of possible links, so I planned for growth.

When a very small minority of the board decided to discriminate and manipulate in order to have me fired, these members of what I will term the 'Old Men's Club' made certain I was gone and never once thanked for any of my contributions. Typical of that form of arrogance.

As always, I must state that the vast majority of LEA participants and board members are wonderful and loving, hard-working and caring people who deserve every success. And most of the men I deal with in SL are fabulous, kind and enjoyable in every way. It is, sadly, a slim minority of very bad apples that ruin the pie. This minority perpetuates the ancient ways of arrogance. Hundreds of years out of date.

But here is the amusing part....
Before the door had even closed behind me, my Landing Point was replaced.
Look at this image:

I affectionately call it the LEA Cage. When you teleport to LEA now, you are literally surrounded on all sides by prison-like bars, reaching up and collapsing into the sky so there is no escape. This is the perfect metaphor for the mentality of the oppressive Old Mens Club. Gone are the sightlines and welcoming content: now you are imprisoned in a forboding funnel.

This should not surprise anyone who is remotely familiar with the LEA's resident architect, the one who has made an SL career out of building very very very tall and grotesque, skinny, oppressive objects. Werner Kurosawa is one of those Old Men from the Club who create ominous structures that might impress adolescent boys, but seem designed with no consideration that people may actually be inhabiting the buildings! These un-ergonomic designs enforce claustrophobia and are forboding, cold statements that stab into the sky.

Take a look at the other works of Werner Kurosawa and see the common elements:
Large, lumpy, perhaps, but mostly impossibly large and/or tall.

I think it is very funny (and a bit obvious) that Werner Kurosawa creates a giant phallus each time. One of his LEA buildings, for example, is so phallic and so tall, it is unphotographicable. 

I think it is funny (and pathetic) that all of my work was replaced by yet another Werner Kurosawa phallus. I have no love for this man, as his behavior during my time at LEA was akin to that of child. I really don't work with children in SL.His communication-style I would describe as 'non-existent'. But, really, it's his phallic architecture that stands out the most.

The little man couldn't wait even one day to erect his phallic cage.
A metaphor for the Old Men's Club?
Is this what we have left of the old ways?
The dinosaurs?

This is a story intended to amuse. See the Cage and Laugh. These dinosaurs are not going to be around much longer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olymipcs 2012: Year For The Sisterhood

The 2012 Olympics in London represent an historic occasion for the Sisterhood. Here are three great articles that illustrate why the Olympics have truly been part of 'Year Of The Woman'

  1. Bye bye, Kardashians: Olympic athletes give women new, strong role models
  2. How women athletes made history at London Olympics
  3. Olympics 2012: Year of the Woman

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Future Femdom's Labour Policy: How The Banned May Get Unbanned

I am very happy that, generally,  the male members of the Future Femdom group and male visitors of the city are bred well and are wonderful worshipers. I find it very pleasing and exciting to wander the city and know that, generally, any slave you see will likely be a fun plaything and above all, very convenient and respectful.

Of course, in Second Life, we expect a certain amount of 'unpredictability'....

For various reasons, we have found it necessary to 'ban' a slave. In Second Life, banning means that a specific resident cannot enter the area again (unless unbanned by the land owner)

Why do we Ban?
Sometimes it is a absolute griefer, harassing brat, or mischievous troll. Sometimes it is someone who has arrived just to cause trouble, or someone who is a known misogynist or abusive personality throughout SL. (yes, I have banned a few abusives who may never have tried to enter Future Femdom before, but I know enough about them to prevent the possibility. I mean, really....who would want trolls like Counter Landfall aka Gavin Hird or discriminatory hacks like Solo Mornington anywhere near their peaceful and free land?) SL has its fair share of arrogant troublemakers; those ban lists can get quite lengthy!

More often than that, men are banned (and sometimes, Women who don't act very sisterly) because of simple rules violations. Sometimes its a small matter, and the ban in expected to be very temporary. Other times, it is a more serious level of disrespect and banning carries more weight.
A banned person will likely be able to remain in the Future Femdom group  (for communications sake) but will not be able to enter the actual land.

In any case, a man who disrespects the Sisterhood and/or the House Rules of Future Femdom is banned and then assigned a certain number of Labours. The number will reflect the nature of the transgression. Many transgressions carry a penalty of only one Labour, while more serious ones may be as high as 3 or even higher.

How To Get Unbanned
  1. The man must write a notecard, with a list of suggestions/proposals of WHAT THE MAN WILL DO. Suggested Labours are not the same as 'promises'. Labours are actions the man will DO to prove he really wants to return, and they MUST be actions he can do BEFORE the unban. (in other words, the Labours cannot be performed within Future Femdom)
  2. The man must send the notecard with the proposed Labours to Ginette Pinazzo
  3. If any of the Labours are approved,  the man may then do them.
  4. Once the approved Labours are finished, the man will be unbanned.
How To Get Unbanned
I completely refuse to suggest ideas for Labours. The men must be creative and think for themselves. We do not work for men. They are free to ask other men in the FF group for advice, or consult anyplace else, but it is not the task of the Sisterhood to think for men. The ideas do not need to be elaborate (but may be). The Labours can even be a fun and creative opportunity, and I feel the men that understand this are best suited to become our worshipers anyway.

Why This System?
Men must do the work. If they are serious enough to propose the Labours and do them, they are probably worth having back. Otherwise, who needs the lazy ones? I have found that the men who take the time and effort to come back properly often become wonderful worshipers. Those who whine about the Labours and don't do them, were never worth the trouble in the first place. Part of the Sisterhood is about responsibility, and to me that includes making sure that men do not manipulate or become lazy. To me, this includes having quality expectations and being strict about them.

More about the Labours System can be found at Future Femdom website

Monday, August 6, 2012

Adoration Park Moved into new area above Future Femdom

As we've been rearranging the Sky Area over Future Femdom, we have moved the cute little Adoration Park to a new spot.

This is a fun place to 'take slaves for a crawl' (they crawl around the grass like actual worms)...
good exercise for them!

Visit Adoration Park

Read more about the Sky Area

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Future Femdom Hair Worship Salon Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations to Vixen Novelli for the winning snapshot in our recent Hair Worship Salon Photo Contest.

The salon is a great place to relax and use slaves. We've added a neat Hair Brushing Chair, magazines, Erotic Beverages and much more.

Teleport to Hair Worship Salon

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Hunt is On! International Femdom Day Treasure Hunt Starts July 21

Find boots likes these all over SL! Each of the participating femdom sims in Second Life has FIVE of these special boots hidden around....each boot contains a free gift!

Plus if you collect ALL of the boots you are eligible for a big 1000L cash prize!

Future Femdom is excited to be participating in this all new event: the Femdom Hunt for IFD (International Femdom Day)

The hunt runs for the entire week so make sure to join in the fun!
Produced by the Femdom Community in SL group

Go to Future Femdom and get your FREE HUD to start!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

International Femdom Day 2012: Future Femdom Joins Femdom Hunt

Future Femdom is excited to be participating in an all new event: the Femdom Hunt for IFD (International Femdom Day)

The date July 24th was chosen as the date for International Femdom Day
as a day for celebrating dominant women – seven days a week and 24 hours
a day.
There are real life celebrations going on in various parts of the world.

The Femdom Community in SL group is bringing you a Hunt over all their
Sims in celebration for those who do not have the opportunity for a RL venue.

The Hunt will start on 21st July and run thru to the 28th July.
Many of the Sims in the Femdom Community group will have hidden
for you 5 boots waiting for you to find. (The Hud you will wear while
hunting will record the boots you have found and all the Hunters that have found
ALL the hunt boots from the sims will go into a draw at the end of the Hunt.)

So not only do you get the prizes inside the boots but each Sim will have
It’s own Major winner who will receive L$1,000.

Check the Femdom Hunt sigsn at any of the participating sims in Second Life. Here is the one at Future Femdom


  • Domaine la Fignonne
  • Future Femdom
  • Mad@m
  • The Mistresses
  • The Velvet Thorn
  • The Velvet Crossing

The Femdom Community in SL group (formerly The Femdom Network)
is a coalition of Femdom owners who strive to bring the very best of
SL Femdom to everyone. We work together to strengthen the community
and encourage people to explore the fascinating world of virtual femdom and

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Future Femdom is in the recent issue (number 18) of Femdom Magazine, in the 'Femdom Rollcall' feature (written by Dorsel Finn) , a guide to the many femdom places in Second Life.

Check out Issue 18 of Femdom Magazine today!

Monday, July 9, 2012

NEW Chocolate Buffet Table at Future Femdom: Improving the Way Men Taste?

We are very excited to present an all new part of Future Femdom: the FF Chocolate Shop!

As one of our first items in this shop, the Chocolate Buffet table is sure to please! This amusing gadget puts man in place of the table (and if the slave has the right 'atatchment') right in the middle of the candy dish!

Enjoy delicious lavender cream truffles (included as a 'wearable item') while playing with a slave!

The Chocolate Buffet table has room for 2 Sisters and one slave. Try it!

Teleport there now

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Femdom Equals Freedom: Independence Leading To Matriarchy

Feminist movements have worked hard to bring about equality in every aspect of society. This has been a long, ongoing process, and is still a challenge in many areas of the world. While the term has had many nuances in its interpretations, it cannot be forgotten that Feminism is a noble and necessary foundation from which Sisterhood can bring about the best changes in the world. Feminism is a movement to love and be proud of.

Feminism relates to Freedom, as equality requires empowerment for Sisters everywhere, but what about Matriarchy?

For many, the concept of Matriarchy is simply a gender role-reversal of Patriarchy. While this interpretation may be upheld by a dictionary, the term has come to mean much more in popular usage. I think it is important to see definitions of Matriarchy (Femdom, to some) with new, enlightened vision.

At its simplest, Matriarchy can be seen as a reversal, where Sisters are 'in charge' rather than men. However, the nature of that leadership is what must be discussed, for it is the nature of the leadership that makes it far more than a reversal. Thinking of Matriarchal movements as simple gender role-reversals, does those movements a disservice.

Matriarchy may mean that Sisters are Doing It For Themselves, but the Way we do it can be completely unrelated to the old forms of patriarchal control. While men may have attempted to rule the world, rule nature, rule the family and community, through their often characteristic ways, the Way in which We 'rule' can be very different. So different, in fact, that it bears no resemblance to the old ways of men. No resemblance whatsoever. Far from 'copying' the antiquated ways of men, Matriarchy leads in new directions.

Rather than Sisters Doing It For Themselves, perhaps Sisters are Doing It For The World. Rather than competing to control and dominate through violence and intimidation, perhaps Sisters are collaborating on innovative ways to communicate and build bridges, to strengthen the global network for a better chance to grow and survive. Rather than using up resources and limiting opportunity, perhaps Sisters are finding new ways to inspire creativity and reward success in groups. Matriarchy can be (and is!) a New Way to approach the World.

If one assumes there have been biological and/or social differences in the many roles we as Women and Men fulfill in family or community life, for example, one can also see how the differences can extend to leadership styles. Following that, one can easily see how very different Matriarchal approaches are from patriarchal ones, from family leadership, to community leadership, from governments to education.

The management and leadership styles of Sisters takes Us to new levels of Freedom: Empowerment on a large social scale. As group models evolve in the workplace and community circles, as new communication standards are adopted, and new expectations about ethics and 'happiness' become part of the fabric, we see Sisterhood making the difference everywhere.

When we say Femdom = Freedom, we are saying: The Female-Led World is a liberating and innovative one that benefits humanity, nature and the blessings that exist between both. And yes, I propose we take the term 'Femdom' away from the pornographers who have kept the word hostage for years and lovingly embrace it as a fun, two-syllable variant for the Matriarchy.

Freedom is the fought-for right of the Empowered, and with Matriarchy's leadership, there is Empowerment and Enlightenment for all. For the men who worship us with love and passion, as We lead the World, there is beautiful freedom for all of them. For Sisters everywhere who yearn to be creative, free and happy, Femdom is your Freedom!

- Gina

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ginette Pinazzo Unveils New Acronyms for 2012

I'm happy to announce your helpful list of all new Acronyms for 2012. Feel free to use this whenever you wish! - Gina

  • GCBM - Good Chocolate Beats Men
  • LTJ - Long Term Joke (for a bad relationship)
  • BIB - Breakfast In Bed
  • FLE - Female-Led Everything
  • LBC - Life Before Coffee
  • IMT - Infinite Multi-Tasking
  • GWULTR - Get With You Later
  • WLW - Women Lead the World

Saturday, June 30, 2012