Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Apology Cycle

It is maddening, and it goes something like this: (a typical, though made-up example)

Gina: slave, you did not remove your shirt and shoes
slave: sorry, mistress
Gina: I am not 'mistress', I am Gina..or Goddess..or both.....and do not say 'sorry', only explain things and fix them
slave: I understand, sorry
Gina: (waits)
slave: how can I serve you, mistress?
Gina: twice you said 'sorry' but did not fix or explain anything
slave: yes, mistress
Gina: and THAT isn't even a response that makes any sense
slave: you are right, gina
Gina : (looks at slave's shirt and shoes)
slave: I think women are the greatest. I really love them.
Gina: love starts with respect which starts with listening and paying attention. You do not really respect Women so far.
slave: but I do, mistress
Gina: who is 'mistress'?
slave: errr, Goddess...sorry...
Gina: one more apology and you get kicked into the ocean
slave: I have been so bad. Please kick me.
Gina: goodbye worm. You get ignored.
slave: sorry

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