Saturday, October 31, 2009

What I Have Learned from Second Life (part 2)

More 'bdsm' and other concepts that have baffled me since arriving in SL. Everyday, I learn more.

FURRIES: This is a HUGE phenomenon in SL. People dressing as animals, or who look exactly like animals, or have animal parts attached to them, etc. (I am sure they have smaller categories for these types). Never sure how to handle some of them in Future Femdom. Let's see....
A man with a head of a dog? I suppose that's a man.
A man on all fours with a dog-tail? Definitely a man.
A man with a full 'dog costume' but who talks? A man but one that sends mixed signals.
(ummm..sorry...but I won't 'play' with animals)
A man who looks exactly like a real dog that barks and does not talk? I suppose I can treat that one like an actual dog, maybe, I don't know. Ugh! Only in SL!

MINI-GIANTESS: This one makes no sense at first but I THINK it refers to a Woman who is very large but not 'too' large. (How many meters is too large??) Whatever that means. I shrink men sometimes and do not 'grow giant' so I am no Giantess and really don't get this one. It's just a really funny-sounding term to me.

CBT: Another acronym. This one appeared to me when I had made a cute set of steps designed to allow the action of stepping on a slave's cock. I think it means Cock and Ball Torture. This needs an acronym? Haha. Anyway, how about making new ones? MUHT: Messing Up Hair Torture? SNONCT? Scratching nails on Chalkboard Torture?

What I Have Learned from Second Life (part 1)

I admit to having a certain ignorance of some 'bdsm' terms and other concepts when I first arrived in SL. Everyday, I learn more. (part of this is due to the fact I am not really so connected to that culture, but anyway...)

SISSIES: what a shock to see how many men dress as Women and call themselves 'sissies' especially odd phenomenon to me. At first, I was mortified that a man would dress as a Woman to somehow show submissiveness. What message is that?? That a whining caricature of a Woman is a slave? So many strange signals there. Now I find many of them annoying or very rude, but there are a small number that are better. Now I sometimes make them undres sand squirm and scream their man-ness in public.

CFNM: yet another acronym (can't get enough of those!) Stands for Clothed Female Naked Male. Apparently this deserves an acronym? Anyway, it amused me because that was the status I assumed to be normal anyway. Why waste fabric on a man? Why cover up the pleasure objects known as men?

SAPIOSEXUALITY: I am still not sure what this really means. I think it refers to people who love The Mind, or Humanity in general, or being erect? I will need to find out more, I guess!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Added a document: Shrunken Slave Tags and Procedures to the Future Femdom website.
This is a simple 'code of conduct' created as a guide for using the Shrunken Slave System.
Not only is the system a technical matter, but an issue of standards that must be aligned with the concerns of the Sisterhood.
By the way, here is the link to the site!
Future Femdom site

Monday, October 26, 2009

Multitasking: The Myth

Many times, a slave will approach but seems hesitant and sometimes leaves because it claims it 'does not want to interrupt'. What?

Maybe I am doing something, or maybe chatting with others. In any case, I can do many things at once. When We are chatting or playing or anything, it's really NOT a problem if another man crawls up to Us and says hello. Trust me, we can handle it.

Men, you insult Us by assuming we can't do more than one thing at a time. And you are crazy if you think you being silent or (worse yet) leaving is somehow better than saying hello.

I realize in some circles that a Mistress often tells men not to speak until spoken to, or never to interrupt. This is one of many ways I differentiate the term Goddess from mistress. A Goddess can oversee and care for many. In fact, 'many' is the preferred situation anyway. I LIKE to have many slaves around. That is warming to me.

And it is beyond rude to think you deserve some type of solitary attention!
So, next a good man and crawl close and offer worship....Join the Crowd!

Jewelry Pods finally are Here!

Here's the poster....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hard Work!

It fascinates me how much hard work is really required to run a place in SL. Especially a place with ANY type of rules or specific culture. As we tend to attract many 'newbies' (either new to SL or new to our place) it can sometimes be a constant flow of arrivals who have no idea what to do or how to behave. Few actually read signs or notices or touch kiosks for notecards. (I will guess that 3/4 do not).

This means that someone (often myself!) can get 'caught' at the Landing Point, directing newbies and in some sad cases, kicking them out. On busy days, this can be tiring work.

In any case, it's one more reason I am horrfied when anyone thinks everything should be 'free' in SL. Running a city or any type of realm is endless work, but actually dealing with people with such intensity is far beyond that. It's real time. It's very demanding and requires high professionalism. Not for the 'faint-hearted'!

Videos and Lag

I am running a short survey throughout the membership, asking about lag and any effect the video stream might have on it. It seems that some peopel really slow down when they have their media stream turned on. (I suggest, if that happens, turning off the media stream in your preferences). I will make a decision based on responses to the survey this week, as to whether or no I will keep the videos looping 24/7 or not.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

All New Jewelry Pods

Will be selling the all new Jewelry Pods by tomorrow...very happy!
They come in 3 styles so far. 'Melon' contains gold and silver inside. 'Spectral' contains games. 'Sakura' contains pearls. The Pods can be opened or closed and play music when open. Plus teh pedestal inside can be used to display a Shrunken Slave! Here are some photos....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's the 'boy' thing all about?

Maybe it is a local expression / custom but I never quite understood the habit of calling men 'boys'.

It seems a common practice in the 'femdom community'. and I don't find it offensive, just odd. 

To me, it is significant that a man falls to the floor and worships. Not a boy. There is no significance to a 'boy' falling in reverence, because a boy is a yet-unformed man anyway. When men fall to the floor and accept their destiny to worship the Matriarchy, its has great significance. They are ending the old, unnatural ways of the oppressive patriarchy and crawling on a New Path.

Calling them boys does 2 things: it removes that significance, and it also lessens their level of responsibility in their behaviors. We can try to expect some level of maturity from men, but from 'boys'? That is setting a 'low standard'. I don't love being called a 'girl' (depending on context, it can be acceptable, but is often belittling)....but I really don't love referring to men as 'boys'.

Calendar Reminder

We keep an ongoing schedule online at:
Although we prefer smaller, more casual events, rather than big, laggy ones...we encourage all members to keep up-to-date with latest parties and happenings.

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Shrunken Slave Ballet Animation

We have just added new addition to the popular Shrunken Slave that makes tiny men spin and dance (touch the slaves and they also play music!). These will be fun on their own and veen more fun when the new line of musical Jewelry Boxes come out next week....

This Week at FF

Monday at 7PM SLT: Meeting in the Powder Room
Tuesday at 7PM SLT: CBT Party
Wednesday at 7PM SLT: Massage Hour

Update About Updates!

It is hard to get the word out sometimes in SL...
Not everyone reads Notices (or even knows that Notices get archived in a group's information so if they miss on they can 'catch up')
Not everyone reads Group IMs for those 'last minute' new items
Not everyone reads signs or touches kiosks to get chat or notecards
Not everyone reads 'autochat' or accepts 'autogiven' notecards
Not everyone reads a website or blog....
Many people just TP in and wander around, hoping to meet some green dots and that's it.
My latest idea is to have an autogiver (and touchable kiosk too) at the Landing Point of Future Femdom that hands out a Daily Update notecard. This card has the latest news only.
Changes to the city, new policies, new items in the catalog, new events, etc.
It's not spammy (never sent out as a notice), but only is given out to arrivals.Even if you check it every other day, i will still have great value.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Boots Licked Late At Night?

We had to switch this weekends' 2-part Bootlicking Marathon from early morning to late night.
New times
Slaves should expect to be licking leather an doing the best emoting ever.

When a slave is 'challenging'...

In my neverending attempt to decipher the male psyche, I discover some very odd and annoying habits. There is that occasional man who contacts me who seems to make 2 claims:
1) that he likes a challenge/to be challenged
2) that his worship must be 'earned'

On the surface, those 2 points may seem reasonable, and they would be if they were not 'code' for something else. Code for what? Her is what I THINK is a good translation, based on the many I have seen that follow this EXACT pattern.....
1) is arrogant/difficult
2) is selfish and is thinking of himself first and probably only

Cynical? Maybe, but I am basing this on case after case.
Here is the breakdown:
if a man is going to repeatedly tell you he likes a challenge and expects his 'worship' to be earned, then has NO idea how to make a good introduction and warm up to you. He is boasting in a sense and drawing lines in the sand. Not a very good way to begin a connection.

As I said, those 2 points may sound reasonable on their own, but what I have found is this: if a man feels the need to state these things early on and repeatedly, he must be doing it to try to convince himself, because really.....why declare it otherwise?

The one man today declared these things but was instantly offended when I told him to follow the SIMPLE house rules at Future Femdom. Excuse me? You love to talk about yur needs.wants/styles.philosophy but can't be respectful enough to take your shoes off in someone's property? Men that like to be difficulty ARE difficult! Who needs that stress?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making 2 New Friends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet Another Perplexing Moment in SL

They keep coming! Those perplexing moments!
A slave who started on 'shaky ground' a long time ago, finally seemed to be getter better. The man seemed to be learning the ways of Future Femdom and, while not the most active slave, was getting more involved a tiny bit at a time. (I am keeping this version of the possible very long story short on purpose).
As the result of an assignment, the slave wrote a very good piece about the Matriarchy. His essay was not perfect, but seemed cleverly put together and a good read about the future of the Sisterhood and humanity. I was pleased.
Oddly, that same slave began asking me to 'train' a mistress. This is something I do not really do ('training Sisters?). He claimed he was seeing her, but she was 'new' and needed guidance. I gave the slave polite encouragement and offered to meet her to, at least, chat and communicate (not train). This did not happen, though.
The next thing I know, when I IM the slave to congratulate the worm on his essay, my IMs are ignored.
The slave arrives eventually at the city and is rude, seemingly not following orders. It sits down finally and tells us he has now been owned by that mistress and cannot be used by any other Woman. This is a supreme insult to all Sisterhood, and I wasted no time in ridding of him for good.
Apparently, the worm's sudden discovery of a 'new mistress' was excuse for it to turn its back on all others (those who had been patient and loving with him for so long). This is ANOTHER example of why slave ownership is wrong. It turns respectful worshipers into rude filth, sometimes overnight.
There are good worshipers out there. I see them all the time. It amazes me that there are ones like this creature that still haunt Second Life, though.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The cover and inside of the new October Future Femdom Catalog and Guide

Monday, October 12, 2009

No Hunting, Stealing, Fishing!

Just a reminder that certain sneaky practices are prohibited in the city of Future Femdom. Of course, what would life be like without grey areas, especially Second Life, but nevertheless.,....we must try to have some standards, no?)
I define hunting, stealing and fishing this way:
The practice of coming to a realm (especially an Open Society such as Future Femdom) with the intent to 'capture men', take them away from the city and own them, or otherwise restrict them so they cannot return or be usable to All. This practice is a PLAGUE in SL, and is even connected to some real scams. We are not and never will be exclusive. We refuse to deny slaves to the Sisterhood; all men are to be usable to All. This makes us an 'easy target' for hunters, stealers, and fishers. Any men that fall for these tricks and get restricted will be removed for this society and probably banned. I have no tolerance for it. (I consider it a major insult to the Sisterhood) Any Women that engage in the practices obviously do not understand Societal Femdom and also cannot be involved in FF anymore. Liberation is what keeps an Open Society thriving.

MONDAY Meeting in the Powder Room

Monday at 12 noon, all Sisters are invited to join me in the Powder Room of Future Femdom to chat and freshen up if necessary (maybe you are on your way to a party?...or maybe you just came from a party?..or maybe THIS IS the party?????).
It's SL, so I can't guarantee the mirror actually 'work's' but is that really a problem?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reading Can be Fun!

We had a fun live 'reading' of last season's Femdom Limericks in the Play Garden today. Slave kneil and slave wilbur did a great job laying on the stage and presenting the material. Hopefully, we will great some fabulous entries for the Fall contest!
Here is a photo of a slave inside the Slavearium, during the event....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Femdom Limerick Contest Begins Sunday

On Sunday at noon SLT we will have a reading of Femdom Limericks from last seasons Femdom Limerick contest (come and's like poetry! but more fun!)

This also marks the beginning of the FALL Femdom Limerick Contets and we will be accepting submission through the end of October.

Don't know the exact structure of a limerick. Research it! There are alwasy good prizes for the top 3 submissions, and the limericks are collected into a volume that will be published.

Good Luck Limericking!
(to submit limericks, send them via notecard to Ginette Pinazzo) (in Second LIfe)
(you can send them in any other way.....via Facebook, etc...but only those in Sl are eligible for actual prizes)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Event Calendar on Facebook

The daily Event Calendar for Future Femdom is now 'embedded' on the Facebook site.
On FB, search for Ginette Pinazzo! (the calendar is there)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Liberation, Love and Worship

What is a free slave?
To restrict a slave in chains, prison bars, collars and chastity, is to stifle the energy of slaves and undermine the role they must play in the future. Men must learn to Worship. That requires great passion. A caged animal is fearful, hurt and may one day rebel or lash out. This is not a path to Worship. In Societal Femdom, we breed them to love. That means they must be free to do so. They must learn to be active and energetic, exercised and fit. They must always be working hard to amuse, please and ........worship!
I do not find any true passion from one that is so limited in its ability to express itself. Furniture that occasionally grunts is not a man to me. A slave that grovels immediately and prays to the bottom of my boot upon the mere sight of it, and offers its heart and body to all of Us without question...that is beautiful to me.
I am always warmed when I see slaves become 'free' from the chains of proprietary ownership and join the mass of men that are learning the ways of the love of the Sisterhood.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slave Emote Class Special Edition

Thursday at 9AM I will hold a special edition of the Slave Emote Classes. This will be free (though tributes are highly advised) and will be the last class for while that is free, since registration s normally at least 400L. After Thursday, we will return to our normal schedule of classes with advanced registrations.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Pays To Linger at Future Femdom

The traffic at Future Femdom has been fine for a while, but I have noticed an odd trend. (a typical SL trend, really)...people arrive and look around quickly, and then leave if not enough others are there. This 'popping in and out' cause a strange situation. I see people 'missing' each other all the time! If they would only wait longer! That is the normal way a crowd builds. (it needs time to build!)

Go to a place, but wait! Explore a little there. Find something to do. some toys..etc.

I used to laugh when I realized people were TPing all over SL but never staying, like a funny game. The sad part is that no one ever meets this way! Don't be anxious! Linger! (and feel free to use the Group's IM to call out to others. If not abused, it's a great way get a party started)

Facebook Fun!

For those who use it and care about it...
On Facebook, search for Ginette Pinazzo and become a friend!
Also, there is a Future Femdom group!
Search that and join!
Get socially infected!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Drumming With Elves

I decided to take the All Womens Drum Circle 'on the road' and our first stop was a place called Scythia (elves, fairies and other mystical creatures), in an effort to spread the message of Goddess-Empowerment. It was a very fun group! Here is a photo of the setup.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

House Rules Come First

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it both saddens and surprises me....someone arrives in Future Femdom and tells me that their own , personal rules come first and that the 'house rules' (rules of the sim) do not. This is beyond amazing to me. In one case, a Sister arrived and had 2 slaves accompanying her. The slaves were not following house rules and she told me that they never do because Her rules are what they follow! Is this any way to behave when traveling? It's impolite to a shocking degree. Another seemed to think that a slave she 'knew' was excepted from the normal rules. When I explained to her that all must follow them, she seemed annoyed and eventually both left. I am not sure why anyone would think it is ok to go someplace and impose their own principles on the established principles of a house. Be a good host when you are home, but be a great guest when traveling. That means read the signs and follow the rules. And yes, to all the slaves out teher who get confused...remember: House Rules Come First (no matter which house you are in!)

Slave in a Shoebox

a cute picture of a tiny, shrunken slave inside one of my shoeboxes

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Men Working Together

One of the most beautiful things to me is seeing slaves that cooperate and learn to worship as a group. As they evolve past their barbaric ways and combine their love of the Sisterhood, slaves can be trained to work together in harmony and this is an exciting benefit of a future under the loving and progressive Matriarchy.

Slaves can be trained to cooperate in many ways. (I always say it starts with hello, so we have them simply greet each other in the city of Future Femdom and help each other with tasks and learning). Cooperation can be turned into group worship, with no amount of slaves being too many!

Do the slaves love each other? In a sense, as they love us, I think they do share in that greater love together, though I believe it is more that they must love what they are doing than each other per se. (Not sure.....I need to find a slave to write THAT blog entry!)

In any case, for any who doubt the future is one of Societal Femdom, or who doubt that the Matriarchy evolves with an Open Society without proprietary slave ownership, I suggest learning more about Group Worship. Once you experience the beauty of men working as a group to worship Us, you may be convinced!