Monday, November 9, 2009

An Apology From A Man is Worth What?

The unwritten (but maybe soon-to-be-written) policy around here is this:
men, if you do something stupid or silly or absolutely wrong, DO NOT APOLOGIZE! An apology is the most annoying sound ever.
If you make a mistake, EXPLAIN why you did it.
Then, FIX the problem.
I am appalled that men in SL do one stupid thing after another and somehow think 'apologizing' will erase the mistake and incur forgiveness.
No, it does not work that way.
And I encourage all Sisters to take my position.
How it works is THIS way:
you earn forgiveness by explaining what you did wrong and why, and then work hard to fix the problem. This is the ONLY way we can have any confidence you have actually learned from your mistake.
Any questions?


  1. ah yes and this works both ways if a Woman makes a mistake she should do the same.

  2. That is obvious, but I am basing my post on countless observations of men who make mistakes (often very very bad ones) and who use 'an apology' to try to erase the incident, and often seem unable to explain the reason for the mistake and unwilling to fix it.