Friday, September 18, 2009

Do We Dominate?

It occurred to me when I was asked about 'Domination' styles, that I never thought of dealing with slaves that way. I kept thinking and I realized that Future Femdom, and Societal Femdom in general has little or nothing to do with Dominating anyone. I kept thinking even further and realized a great truth that shows, yet again, another way in which Societal Femdom differs from other 'femdom' communities.

A Goddess does not Dominate.
A slave Worships.

That is a fundamental difference!
We do not 'do the work' to give orders and control or punish men. (though it happens, it is not our focus). We simply live our lives. Work, play, live and love.
And as we work, play, live and love, the man worships Us.

The slave does 'the work'.
This is why we do not have lazy, slow or shy slaves in our society.
They must have energy, passion and be very active because they must do everything to please and amuse us. This is a beautiful energy and it makes our working, playing, living and loving all the better!

In conclusion, I'd have to say this is possibly the most important and liberating lesson in all of Societal Femdom.

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