Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love and Passion on the Road to the Future

In the coming days I will be compiling new guidelines and better advice for those new to Future Femdom, and for those who wish to explore the 'New Wave' of Femdom in greater detail and enthusiasm. I will be blogging, updating the FF site and placing information kiosks throughout the actual city. Why? The time has come to reinforce the basic concepts, principles and Precepts of Future Femdom in general. As the movement grows (happily!) we must work hard to maintain quality and stay on the Path. Of note is the concept of Love and Passion. Societal Femdom depends upon the understanding that no negative emotions can drive what we do. No hate. No anger. (sadness....well that's part of love and life..I refer to dangerous and harmful emotions/behaviors). If you feel hate or anger, the Sisters are here to heal you. This is a topic for me this week because I have encountered a few who think we are man-haters and nothing could be farther from the truth. I will be explaining and expanding this concept soon. For now, remember to Love!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slave Arena Game at 9PM Today

I am looking forward to another fun version of our Slave Arena Game today, where we make men crawl on their bellies for points. Here is a photo from a past session.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Money and Love

After much thought and hesitation, I find it necessary to explain a few things about money in SL, especially for those who are very new.
Some places don't like to talk about money, and some places think it is 'dirty' or has a stigma. Other places are only about money (sometimes that is obvious; sometimes it is well-hidden!)
Yes, there are many 'scams'. But, there are many legitimate cases too. Sadly, it can be difficult to see which is which, so I am writing this (hopefully) practical guide to help provide some assistance.
If you disagree with any point I make, fine. But it is necessary for me to start making policies about various issues, to try to keep a balance and growth attitude possible.
Future Femdom is a public place, so every type of person and agenda may walk down those ramps. I do my best to educate and enforce customs and rules, and this is an evolving situation!

Why am I doing this?
Partly because I don't like to see anyone being taken advantage of.
Partly because I like to open eyes when possible.
Partly because I think the future is related to more understanding and free, open communication.

(some of my Sisters are not fond of my upfront talk about money, but I prefer that way than to being afraid of discussion, or to hiding an obviously important topic)

I have tried to create 3 basic points that should help encourage some understanding: Elaborations on the points follow.

1. Money may sometimes be a large or small ingredient of a recipe, but it is a necessary one in this world in any recipe, so don't deny it or think it is dirty. Carry some money and have fun spending it. I do. I believe in a healthy economy and I believe in gifts. Gifts make people happy, don't they? Money is not inherently evil. It can be abused, however!

I am amazed that sometimes a slave is around for many weeks and gets plenty of 'attention' but if the very reasonable and appropriate topic of tributes/donations is brought up, that slave becomes defensive, arrogant or annoyed and suddenly, the Women who had invested so much passion and love are all of sudden categorized as escorts or worse. What changed?
I will say it simply: Entitlement is taking advantage. Any man that thinks, somehow, he can disrespect the Sisterhood in any way, including telling Us we are not worth basic, customary economic respect, is insulting the Matriarchy. A man's words or loyalty can be sweet and warming, but in this world where men are like the changing wind, money is an obvious, basic level of support.
I have always owned property here and been working in the business world. (Once you are doing that, you see things very differently)

2. Doing something only for money is not admirable to me and is not ethical.
Many people are doing it that way in SL. So many scams and I am reluctant to list the most popular ones here.
However, doing something only for passion (and ignoring money) is not wise and will lead to failure because leaving out such a simple ingredient will make a recipe not successful.
Balance is the best way.

There are obvious scams where people are doing things just for money. To make it more complicated, there are those who claim to enjoy 'financial domination'. I cannot condone this. Actually, it's a problem that plagues SL.
In the end, it really is a form of taking advantage and abuse with money.
I step on men and crush them sometimes, but their worship is willing, never coerced. I apply the same concept to tributes.
I am an aware Goddess. I realize that 'financial domination' is a real 'kink' for some people and actually is willing for them. At that point, I turn to the simple rule that a Goddess must exercise Responsibility more than anything else. (more than Power, for example). it does not matter if a man wants to be made poor....or owned by a 2-way leash...or kept as your exclusive pet..... men want all sorts of things. That is their energy that we often enjoy to play with!
Your Responsibiliy is far greater than his wants.
That is my definition of Femdom.

On the other end, there are those who do things only for passion/love/social reasons but refuse to tolerate an economic aspect. That is up to them. But I do not consider that a clever way to grow a business, realm, temple or any type of growing place. I have been criticized by some about my upfront attitudes about money (telling slaves they must show support etc), but I am on a mission to grow something and I take it seriously. It's not even a business or a is both AND a divine mission. All forms of support are, energy, maturity...and yes, money!

3. If you cannot afford something, be honest about it. But also, do your best to change your situation so you can afford things soon. In other words, try to get involved in the economy.

I know that, for new arrivals, it is hard to figure out walking in a straight line, let along a tribute system. So I am patient. If someone asks you for money, use common sense. Do not become poor. Participation in the economy means that you stay alive in it! If anyone is trying to 'drain' you, be alert and be cautious. On the other side, do not be cheap or sneaky about money. Be respectful at all times.
is it a balance? Yes.
But what in life isn't?

If you want even more practical tips or ideas, please feel free to IM me anytime.
My goal is to make things better and more open.
Love, GINA

The Energy of Men

I often speak about the joy and pleasure of playing with slaves and to me, that means slaves with energy and passion. A lazy worshiper is useless. Many other 'femdom communities' seem to train men to be overly polite, quiet and reserved 'servants'. I believe this stifles the natural energy of men, and is actually possibly dangerous should the repressed slaves 'lash out' one day, not to mention quite boring. Worship energy is lovely, and to cultivate that from men, I believe that their natural vigor must be encouraged but channeled in the right way. This means active and alert slaves , that are given much to do and also trained to anticipate Our Desires and Whims. This means a combination of natural energies.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Best Coffee in SL

Many make the claim, but really, this is the best. HyperLatte (so strong you cannot drink it sitting down). This is the coffee station in Future Femdom.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Most Attractive Quality in a man?

It is not too hard to figure out, because of its rarity, when you see it happen, it becomes obvious.....the Most Attractive Quality in man is not his worship passion, or his ability to amuse, but........when he Reads and Writes! Yes......nothing is more attractive than a slave with competent-to-good reading comprehension and writing skills! Spend any length of time in Second Life (SL) and you may agree with me!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Trample Ring Party TUE 1PM

We will siting around the Trample Ring Tuesday at 1PM in the Aqua Area..just like the old days! A great way to chat and step on slaves at the same time. I created the Trample Ring as 'metaphor' for Group Play and Sisterhood....and I hope to make it popular again!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Men are like....Cats!!!

It occurred to me in a conversation with Kris today, and after reflection on the strange ways of men that seem to manifest almost daily, that we have been the victims of some really funny patriarchal propaganda for a long time. The notion that men are like dogs and somehow Women are like cats.......pure (though subtle) propaganda! How many do you see in the 'femdom' world referring to men as dogs, for example. (even dressing them up as dogs!) How many crazy similarities are drawn between Women and cats in pop culture?
Here is my BIG thought.
Men are like Cats!
Dogs, after all, are typically loyal above all else. They live to love. They are social. They are sensitive to the emotions, feelings and every nuance of those around them. THAT does not sound like men in any way! Men are not dogs at all!
But cats.....
Cats are only around as long as they are being 'fed'. (think about it) If they love, it is not particularly obvious beyond an occasional physical action (rubbing against you and moaning), They like to tear apart things that mean something to you, and they are solitary...NOT social. Men are cats!
Another myth and manipulation of the!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Next Emoting Class

I am excited to run another session of our Slave Emoting Class on Sunday at 1PM SLT. Teaching these basic skills (with a Future Femdom focus) has proven rewarding. I hope that this helps improve the quality of slaves around here and everywhere!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Slave Ratio: What is it?

Simply a quick look at how many men there are in our Future Femdom society (the more the better!!!!). As of this post, we have about a 2:1 slave to Goddess ratio in our membership. Not bad for our first month!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Squirm Slave Squirm

I have put out some (almost...under 20L) free all-new Squirm Mats in Future Femdom and people have been picking them up, which is great! There are still a few left! These are cute mats with room for one slave and 2 Goddess positions. Simple and functional. A good mat to have at your doorway, for example. Please stop by and see them. You have to find them, though! CLUE: Southern Greenhouse

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catalog Room

I don't love large rooms filled with posters, which most of the stores in SL seem to be, and those annoying vendor screens. What I DO like doesn't exist much in SL: enjoyable, natural , casual environments without posters....personal customer service, etc etc

Nevertheless, I have had to set up what I call the 'Catalog Room', because too many people cannot figure out that they can just buy items off of the floor throughout Future Femdom, and cannot figure out how to use the online catalog and TP system or inworld notecard system to TP around. Anyway, a large room filled with large posters is what this is (but no vendor screens!), though I promise to try to make it as classy as possible.

My goal is to make FF notorious for the best personal service for shoppers. That means: slaves available for testing and use all of the time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Secret To FLS (Female Led Society)

...well, one of the secrets anyway (hey, they can't ALL be given away in a blog)...
Female-Led Society starts with Female-Led Business (FLB)

When the time is right, I teach slaves to focus not on the high heels and leather dresses, but on the boardroom and the office. I teach them to find groups that they can 'worship' by supporting with various activities. Maybe it is a community group...or a social group...or a company or other team of Women. Support varies greatly, but men must learn to worship Our decision-making, networking and overall management of business, because that is a foundation for our 'taking back' of society.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slave Emoting Class Went Well

The first class was small but very good, I think. Nickie helped out and I felt very good about the progress. Here is an image from the after-class wrap-up......

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I will be running a Slave Emoting Class on Sunday at noon SLT in hopes we can get the men around here to work a little harder to express themselves. I know, I know......why bother? I insist that the effort is worth it!

Obvious Point #1 that for some reason must still be made

This is #1 in my series of Obvious Points that for some reason must still be made. (points intended for slaves to read and understand. Apparently, 'obvious' is quite a subjective term)
Here's the point:
It does not matter how uncomfortable, resigned or confused you DOES NOT MATTER if you feel less than adequate, unable to worship, or have confidence issues. Whatever you feel, DO NOT simply teleport away without saying goodbye properly or asking for dismissal. NEVER leave in a rude manner. Sometimes I will see a slave who, for some reason, disappears (poofs) and then later IMs with a very pathetic non-excuse (I left because I thought I was bothering you...thought you were busy....wasn't sure if you liked me, etc etc ). That is disgusting and insults all Sisterhood because the slave has puts its issues far above its basic respect level for the Sisterhood. Respect comes first. Always. Never assume that 'your issue cannot be talked over and even solved. By leaving, you act like a child. Not acceptable and probably burns the bridge. Isn't that obvious???

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reiki coming to Future Femdom

I am happy to mention well in advance, that we will be having an Introduction to Reiki class at Future Femdom very soon. Details to come!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DeStresservator Is Here

We have a cute new gadget available at Future Femdom..the DeStresservator, which is a relaxing 'bed' and a large energy ball that presses into you and absorbs stress. The device also has positions for up to 3 slaves to 'help relax you'

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Little Body Worship Today?

at 8PM today, we will have our first Body Worship party at Future Femdom (The Mind Worship party may be next week, depending on how this goes)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mysogynists or Cheapskates?

It does not happen often, but I am amazed when I encounter a slave who will happily stay 'devoted' as long as there is no responsibility on its part, but the second any real support is mentioned (ie. donate to the realm / tribute the Goddesses who live and play here, the slave becomes arrogant, selfish and immediately useless). Apparently, it is ok for these slaves with a sense of entitlement to benefit from the hard work of what WE do, but once actual support (in a material way) is mentioned, their benefitting suddenly looks like what so many men have done over hundreds of years: taking advantage. Yes, it is ok to support with tributes an amusement park, a store, a museum, library etc., but somehow, if it is a 'femdom' place, tributes are tantamount to an escort agency? This is pure, old-fashioned misogyny....that a Woman running any sort of operation that involves money is 'dirty'. Guess what? ALL operations involve money. I happen to be very upfront and honest about it, precisely because I am NOT here for money at all. (I am here for love? Honestly, I am here for ideology) Anyway, these men are engaging in old-fashioned misogyny, though I suspect they don't know it and many of them are just...ahem....cheapskates!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Day Another Domination

Put Down The Sticks

We often joke that the old ways of men (violent competition, rankings and classism, ego and hubrice) have led to them 'fighting with sticks' and that is a path never to be followed again or allowed by the Matriarchy. We have a strict policy that men must never fight, argue heatedly, or engage in serious competition where they belittle each other or create resentment. Their duty and purpose is to worship the Matriarchy and that can ONLY mean they cooperate and work together.

Obviously, the passion and energy of slaves is strong and we all know it can be thwarted into destructive behaviors if the old ways are practiced, but it is the Responsibility of the Sisterhood to teach and practice the New Ways so that this energy can be channeled into the good work of that men are destined to do. For this reason, all slaves must address their inter-slave concerns peacefully and always focus on the important work: Worshiping All Woman