Monday, March 9, 2015

The Boot Goddess Channel Goes Live! Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom, Female Supremacy, Boot Worship, Boot Fetish

The Boot Goddess Channel Goes Live!
A wonderful worshiper of the Sisterhood has created an all new YouTube Channel simply called the Boot Goddess Channel. (and others  may contribute to the channel, too! Just contact the channel!)

This promises to be one convenient place to learn about the principles of HyperFetishism that I preach as part of the  New Matriarchy movements. As with all of my work, the videos you see on this fan-made channel , regardless of their HyperFetish content, always are in tandem with the 100% Respect, Love and Worship of All Woman that is key for the Peace in the Future that only The Sisterhood can bring. This NOT about bdsm kink: this is about Goddess-Worship (as WE are all Goddesses, and men exist to worship Us)

On this specific new channel, the videos are part of ongoing Training Programs where I employ HyperFetishism (in this case, worship of the many leather boots I like to wear!) to introduce men to the absolute worship state they must discover as part of the path to their destiny: Worship of All Woman.

It doesn't hurt that my nickname (Boot Goddess Gina) come from the fact I always have worn boots all year long, and find them to the most fun and comfortable to wear.
Go to the Boot Goddess Channel now!


  1. I love your ideas, and your views. I think you are 100% correct. This is also great news.

    Best of luck for the future Goddess Gina - and best of luck for the coming Matriarchy which will soon be here.