Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Slave Training Programs: Goddess Worship, Boot Fetish, Bootslaves, Hyperfetishism

Men: get involved in our positive system of Goddess-Worship training that uses Hyperfetishism to refocus male energy into beautiful, peaceful Worship Energy.


(techniques to harness the energy of men rather than suppress it)

We run very specialized programs to accentuate the strong, passionate energy of men to train them to better Worship the Matriarchy.  The technique of Hyperfetishism redirects their efforts towards very specific, focused  'fetishes'. This serves to take them away from their normally self-centered egos and into a place where they truly work together, collaborate as a group, to concentrate on something/someone else. This can be evolved into total Worship of The Sisterhood,
Leaders of the World.

We are opposed to methods of chastity, rsstraint, imprisonment and mutilation. In short, anything that is unhealthy and is a negative system. Hyperfetishism is an example of a positive system that works within the natural order.

Join the Programs on Facebook:
OR: Find Ginette Pinazzo in Second Life to inquire
IMPORTANT: Only active and passionate men allowed. Worship is always willing and that means you must prove it with participation.

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