Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Gynarchy Video! 10 Ways To Support Matriarchy Ep 2: Female-Led Circles in Real Femdom Society

I'm very excited to announce an all new video in the '10 Ways To Support Matriarchy' series:

Episode 2 : Recognize and Support Woman Organisations, Groups and Circles In Your Community

This video is very special because it is an overview of an actual Matriarchal System anyone can employ today in their own communities and societies.

For example, when considering ways to manage issues, solve problems or design a system that will empower, think about ways to implement the principles in this 'Female-Led Circles' process.

Watch Video Now!

Like all videos in this series, while I write the material and executive produce, the real credit must go to the staff at Creative Planet, who create these videos! Thanks so much!

 Outline of the Circles System:
1. NETWORK: Be Social. Attend Events; Help Plan New Events
2. ISSUES: Identify Issues in your Community that Need to be Addressed/Needs that must be Fulfilled
3. BRAINSTORMING: Propose Events Where People Can Meet and Brainstorm New Ideas
4. PROPOSALS: Events where people can present proposals for new ideas or ideas that address existing issues
5. FORMING CIRCLES: People working together on short-term or long-term projects
6. GROWING CIRCLES: help Circles gain new members, work with them to publicize them
7. CONNECTING CIRCLES: find innovative ways that Circles can mutually benefit each other
8. CIRCLE EVENTS: where a Circle gains publicity and outreach with the community and beyond
9. LARGER EVENTS: Where multiple Circle combine in mutually beneficial events
10. EVERY SISTER IS CONNECTED: welcome every Sister into the greater Circle that is the community's Matriarchy

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