Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Great Article! Marketing in the New Matriarchy

Mia von Sadovszky has written an amazingly insightful article about advertising, marketing, brand management and the New Matriarchy. Pieces like this should remove doubt from anyone's mind about the reality of the growing Matriarchy.

It's not something to fight about. It's already here.

Read 'Marketing in the New Matriarchy: Women Have Never Had It So Good The Rise of Feminine Values in Society Is Creating Better Marketing'



  1. This is a great article - I really enjoyed reading it and I shall be sharing it with many of my friends.

    The Rise of the Matriarchy is a great thing for Women - a great thing for all of us.

    The world will be a much better place when Women assume their rightful role as Leaders and Decision Makers throughout society, and in the vast majority of personal relationships.

    We should all be doing all we can to increase the Women's role as Leaders in society and make sure Women are promoted as a priority in all walks of life. The sooner Women have control over the political and economic aspects of our society the better.

  2. Another sign we have passed the tipping point to a new culture with new values.