Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Margot Wallström Puts Feminism FIRST in Foreign relations (as it should be)

It's time for the world to get on track and prioritize Feminist concerns (and by that I mean: stopping the oppression, abuse and inequal treatment of Women across the globe) when it comes to international relations.

Margot Wallström has taken the necessary stand (and of course, been vilified by the swarms of misogynists as you might expect) to put Feminism First in dealings with other nations.

This is the attitude any sane nation should maintain.

  1. Alter your relations with societies that still live in barbarism through their oppression of Women and Girls. Make your disapproval clear. Change policies based on this.
  2. Do not condone their practices but openly condemn them. Never support their barbarism. I am not suggesting cutting off communication (w/o communication, progress can't be made). I am saying: take a new approach. Insist on helping them improve, if they hope to be taken seriously on the global stage. In other words, put conditions on the friendship.
  3. Diplomats, earn the title.   You are only harming your own people, and the people in oppressed nations, by condoning (silently or otherwise) barbarism.  Take the stand. In the end, this will help everyone. Tip: The freedom of Sisters is MORE IMPORTANT than the stability of your government job.

    I hope to see more step up (Sisters as well as men) to stare the real issue in the face, across the globe: A society that oppresses Us needs to held in account, strictly, and MUST evolve if it expects to be included in the future.


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