Thursday, June 25, 2015

Matriarchal Style Report: Female-Led Architectural Design

A growing topic of interest right now is the paradigm shifts in design that can (and will) occur with a growing Matriarchy.  Design cultures (including within the field of architecture) that I consider wonderful examples of initial explorations Matriarchal Systems can be found throughout the world, growing slowly in number and influence.

For those who know my work, then you already know that when I discuss Matriarchal vs patriarchal systems, I am not talking about the sexuality of human beings (hello!)....I am talking about Systems. The way they are designed, the way they operate. If you object to the correlation I draw constantly between system-types and Matriarchy (vs patriarchy), let's save THAT discussion for later. For now, let's mention a very exciting aspect of architecture that I consider 100% relevant to Matriarchal Systems.

There is very little new about domed designs for living spaces. (igloos, etc) but modern approaches have proven highly efficient on so many levels, applying new materials and technology to time-tested philosophies. No, I don't work for the company DomeSpace in any way, but I applaud their efforts to popularize beautiful 'free-feeling' domed houses around the world. These are real homes, available now. It is not only about energy efficiency; it is about the pysche of living within a space without hard edges. A space wherein you can really live.

I love their work, and you may notice much of the architecture in my own Future Femdom city in Second Life adheres to certain design cultures you won't find in a 'mans' world of squares, sharp corners and impossible towers! (I do consider patriarchal design a form of 'manspeak'....shall I call it 'mandesign'?)

Matriarchy is a subtle shift, naturally destined, that exists more and more in every aspect of life. Look around: you may even see it in the buildings nearby!

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