Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Man Prays To My Pink Boots: Slave Brad's Cute Worship Letter: Femdom Boot Fetish Prayer

This was written by slave brad (in Second Life) who was obsessed with my pink cowboy boots....

Goddess Gina's Pink Boots
by slave brad

Goddess's pink boots before me as she towers over me
My gaze is swiftly captured by the vision that I see
Her body towers before me and below her as I stare
And I ponder what it would be like to be trapped inside of there

Or likely underneath them as her dark sole pushes down
Pinning my small frame between their smoothness and the ground
I wonder if Goddess Gina is devising up such plans
To make another victim of a tiny shrunken man

They're always sparkling clean even when she walks around
As Gina has her soles licked clean by slaves that can be found
Loyal to the privilige but selected at her whim
For a place under her soles where the devotion must begin

Her pink boots may excite you but be careful when you gaze
Goddess might just catch you watching and you may become her prey
A victim of their owner yet an honor most sincerely
Ensuring they're cleaned well because if not it could cost you dearly

Pink is not the only colour many hues Goddess does own
That her gorgeous sublime feet have as a place to call their home
But this particular poem is both a labor and tribute
To the amazing Goddess Gina & her exceptional pink boots

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