Thursday, February 19, 2015

NEW VIDEO: All Men: Worship Our Boots: Femdom and Matriarchy

All Men Belong Under Our Boots.

As part of the ongoing TRAINING we are running in one of my many Facebook groups,  this new video (by the staff of Creative Planet) is a new type of statement, that links  hyperfetish techniques of men to the coming New Matriarchy.

More about HyperFetishism later.

This is a video for all slaves to watch, and Sisters too, who want to have fun with those adorable worms we sometimes call 'men'. 

Watch the video HERE

The Facebook Group: Boot Slaves and Tiny Worshipers That Get Crushed By A Goddess

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  1. Great video. I love it. It rings true to me. The coming New Matriarchy will be a godsend for all Women and men.