Monday, June 16, 2014

TechnoGynarchy: Women and Technology For The Great Matriarchy, Sisterhood and Global Femdom

A term I may have invented (but I HOPE to see it grow in popularity)

TechnoGynarchy refers to the styles of technology that mesh with, and greatly benefit, the Sisterhood.

1) Technology becomes more intuitive, more fluid, and more elegant w/ time.

2) Systems that are attuned to serious multitasking and open communication dominate in time.

3. Systems that makes life more convenient, that integrate with the everyday, and provide greater results improve over time.

It is no accident that social media, for example, is dominated by the Sisterhood. Systems like this promote group sharing, efficient work environments, and an endless opportunity to multitask and connect w/ each other. And connecting with each other, whether it's at the community, society, or global level is how WE evolve our natural abilities.

Men have historically worked to keep Us separated, so we are isolated, but TechnoGynarchy reverses that.

Systems that offer a more holistic approach (working WITH life and not against it) are beautiful and elegant, providing a win-win for society.

As TechnoGynarchy become more the norm, the evolution of Matriarchy will be a very natural and organic process.

Please spread this message (and the word itself) anyway you can!
Comment below w/ your thoughts and examples. - Gina

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