Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gynarchy in Second Life: Group for Matriarchy, Sisterhood, Real Social Femdom, Female-Led Community

I've started a new group within the virtual social media system of Second Life entitled 'Gynarchy in Second LIfe'

This specific group will function as an 'in-world' presence related to the  popular, meaningful and extremely important Gynarchy movements I am involved with in other online venues, such as the Gynarchy groups on Facebook and other global work.

Why this new group?
Over recent years, despite the undeniable impact of the growing Matriarchal worldwide, things have regressed within Second Life. One would assume a liberating virtual environment would be the best place to see progressive change, but the company's own drastic, blundering and oppressive policies have sent the cause of Women's Empowerment back a good number of decades. A quick Search in Second Life will results in almost no results for 'Matriarchy' or 'Gynarchy', while most results for 'Femdom' are male pornographically-inspired financial scams. A few good places still exist, but they are harder to find die to the company's incompetent changes over the past few years.

If you care about Matriarchy / Gynarchy / Female-Led Community and World / Real Societal Femdom, then join this new group. Gynarchy in Second Life is just starting out, but I hope to bring more real supporters and though-leaders into Second Life this way to help counter the current downward trend against women.

Join the Group Now
Watch some videos about Gynarchy

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