Friday, August 21, 2015

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members: Gynarchy, Matriarchy, Femdom

Looking for Social Media / Marketing Team Members
Some of you may know that my work/mission extends into many areas, such as social media, Second Life, video production and much much more. What I do is also very connected to real world movements and change, on community and global levels.

I work in many ways, mainly to increase awareness, inspiration and education about Matriarchy, Gynarchy and Societal Femdom.

If you have skills and experience in social media, marketing, especially networking and positive communication OR just are very willing to try, (that's what matters) then contact me to talk about how you could join the team.  Whatever you do, we will start off small and build from there - Gina

Comment on THIS post to inquire OR contact me (Ginette Pinazzo) in Second Life.
You can also send a message to me direct through the Boot Goddess Channel (on Youtube)

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  1. Scuse me, Goddess: my mail is - bernard