Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meditation on the Matriarchy: The Future is Female

Future Femdom is a wonderful place to relax and meditate. If a man does sneak up on you, who cares? Men are fun, but have long lost the ability to impact your life. Let them grovel, worship, do whatever they do. They learn more, day by day, that cannot influence Us. Instead, live your own life and love it.

Whether you are religious or spiritual or both, or someplace inbetween, meditation is a valuable 'time-out' that makes your days and nights more perfect. I find communing with the universe very helpful, breathing in nature, celebrating the world. The more we do this, as Sisters, the more we can learn to grow together as Sisters, compassionately leading the earth as we do.

For myself, it's all about responsibility. We become more responsible as we connect with others, and with creation itself. To liberate your Inner Goddess, find how She is part of the infinite universe. You may discover more love and passion than ever before.

As We rise to take on the Future, and become one with it, We will need the spiritual energy to go forward. Honoring and loving your history can keep you grounded, of course, but respecting and seizing with joy, the Future, can give you the courage and compassion to lead. With wide open eyes and heart, We can be strong and loving and work best together for a new world. - Gina

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