Monday, July 28, 2014

Good Men Be Free And Support Matriarchy: No More Chastity, Imprisonment or Restraints

This is for all of the 'bdsm' people and men who think being restrained, chastised or imprisoned has any value. It does not. So if REALLY support Matriarchy, rethink your positions.

Men must be strong, passionate and free to worship the Matriarchy. Weak, dull and captured men mean nothing, and have no convenient role. (men, just because you like it, doesn't mean we care about doing it to you)

A man that is 'bad' is just more work for Us, and who has time for that?  Men must be 100% convenient and that means anticipating Our Thoughts and acting without orders. Get it?

Prisons etc are for bad men (the useless) and these exist from the world of the patriarchy. Punishments exists only because of the echo of a 'man's world. Such negative actions are not needed because we (the Sisterhood) can choose to breed only real men....good ones! It is Our Responsibility as the Leaders to do this.

Men, if you like to be restrained, do it to each other as you always have, but leave Woman out of it. Even then, start to drop the idea completely, as all men must learn to cooperate and collaborate, never compete or fight again.

Finally, free men are the best (and only) worshipers and lovers of the Matriarchy. Worship and Love are always willing, never forced. Be free and be better!


  1. Excellent statement, Madam!!!

  2. In order a real Mighty Matriarchy early education of young girls should make them aware of their proeminent role in Matriarchy and teach them from their earliest nubility how to control male’s instincts and make them respond to their own desires. It will be such a wonderful world that of dominant women having any man they want to fulfill their pleasures and will rule the world getting their revenge on that patriarchal world of males in which we live these sad days; It’s so joyful to see women in power, I only then can reach orgasm and ecstasy.

  3. finally, what value has a man even in worshipping the most beautyfull Mistress if it is forced and not out of honest desire because of her uniqueness.