Monday, March 3, 2014

Women Dominate Social Media

Read 'It’s a woman’s (social media) world' from Pew Research, about the increasing use of social media by Women. It's a simple yet thought-provoking article. Maeve Duggan illustrates the various media and how the gender split breaks down. (men still love Twitter, it seems!)

Read Article about Women in Social Media here


  1. Most social media is now just full of meaningless platitudes that seem to serve the deluded and/or stupid to absolve themselves of responsibility for their life choices and circumstances or provide convenient excuses for their circumstances and inadequacies. It's like a drug that keeps them in a happy yet miserable world of self delusion.

  2. I take your point, 'Anonymous'....though I feel that's the popular pessimistic view of social media, often perpetuated by the media. (similar to the way the media often portrays videogames as only for a dysfunctional minority). In both cases, the media is behind the times, as usual. They haven't caught up with the fact that the majority uses this technology and it's quite normal and often useful. Social Media, for example, is a globally-accessible communication tool (in most places anyway) and helps bring people and their interests together. It can be a wonderful tool for business, community and issues of awareness. If you concentrate on the positive, you may see that the global aspect of Social Media alone is world-changing. In the case of Sisters, it's a meaningful development thta helps us connect and collaborate without the interference of the patriarchy, and We are strong Together.