Sunday, March 7, 2010

Year Of Love

Throughout the year, the Sisterhood celebrates Love in its many forms. Each month in the year has been chosen to represent a specific expression of the heart, and the expressions of Our Connected Hearts.

What follows is a brief description of the 'Love Months' as they are known.

JAN Love Of Life

New life, birth, rebirth, love of the cycle that brings Us into the world
FEB Love Of Romance
Precious and strong, love between Our hearts as it blooms
MAR Love Of Liberation
Freedom and the love that lets Us All take to the sky with heavens wings
APR Love Of Celebration
Joy and Energy, the party that is life, love for the dance and the muse
MAY Love Of Evolution
Greatness as We reach to a higher place in history every day, helping, growing love
JUN Love Of Community
Connecting together, sharing all emotion as society, love that networks
JUL Love Of Friendship
Deep bonds , shared pasts, love of the everyday, dependable, partners
AUG Love Of Earth
Nature and her wisdom, her beauty, her own love for Us and Our Love in return
SEP Love Of Humanity
The ship that We Guide towards Destiny, love of science and learning
OCT Love Of Magic
Ancient Roots, Powerful Minds, love that comes from within to dazzle, entrance, inspire
NOV Love Of Passion
Warmth and Desire, wild and free, love that drives Us
DEC Love Of Creation
Love of the Goddess of Creation, the Universe, the Center Where We Meet

Visit the Gallery of the Celestial Sisterhood in the sky over Future Femdom and learn about the Year of Love

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