Thursday, June 19, 2014

Women Leaders in the Community: Female-Led World Starts at Local Level

June is another exciting month in the ongoing Year Of Love!

Each month represents a different ''form of love' and these are forms embraced by the Sisterhood and the growing Matriarchy.

June is the month of Love of Community!

Connecting together, sharing all emotion as society, love that networks.

Some ideas for YOU this month:

  1. Look around your own community: recognize and celebrate Women Leaders that are helping
  2. Look around your own community:
    Help promote and support any Woman-led groups and organisations
  3. Look around your own community: help start a NEW organisation that connects Women (We grow when We are Connected)
  4. Men: assemble yourselves in peace and find a way to recognize and support the Women in your community

    Why is Community so important?
    Because the quality of your community usually impacts lives the most, more than government, more than professions. It is the number one place to start changes.

1 comment:

  1. I always vote for the woman versus the man, if I can, no matter the politics.