Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015: What Will YOU DO for Matriarchy?

What will you do for the New Year of 2015?

What is your resolution to help support and promote the cause of true Matriarchy?

What will you pledge to do in your immediate community? In your family? Your neighborhood? Your town?

How will you spread the word? (think outside the box....there are infinite, creative ways to do it)

What clever ways can you include Matriarchal Principles in your current work and practices?

Remember, worship can mean many thing and all things. It can mean a very very high level of respect and prioritization. How will you show the world (though big ways or small ways) the path towards Peace and Progress by the Hands and Hearts of the Sisterhood?

Think of these questions. Answer as many as you can if you are truly pledging to follow through.


  1. I would offer my manhood to my future gynarchy mistress.
    I would be willing to please and satisfy her needs at any time.

  2. DO NOT EVER call a woman 'mistress'....that's strange.....unless she asks for that

  3. All men should do what they can to promote the Matriarchy. Afterall, all men will benefit by empowering Women.

    As a man, I pledge to always look to promote Women ahead of men whenever possible. This is something all men should strive to fulfill to help bring on the Matriarchy for the benefit of all.