Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Definition of Man: The Goddess Matriarchy and all Female-Led Relationships Take Note!

What is a man?
It is time for all Sisters to adjust definitions for the new era, and to really stick to the new definitions!

Here is the premise:
A male is not automatically a man (though man is always male)
Here I separate males into 2 categories.....

1) man: loving, supportive, worshipful, responsible, civlised, passionate, entertaining, hopefully humorous, fun and working together w/ each other for the Matriarchy

2) useless: any males that don't fit the 'man' definition

There are a few implications here:
1) it is Our Responsibility as Sisters to firmly reject the useless. They have no place in the future. We must act quickly, often together as Sisters, to shut them down and let them know they will not make it into the next generations.

2) Along with this. We must remove them from Our lives, communities and society as much as possible. We must never let them breed. (We control the breeding). We choose the men as We wish, but must never choose the useless.

3) We must do our best to nurture and educate the young males to be men, not the useless.

Let me know your responses in the blog comments or FB comments.
Love, Gina

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