Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love of Friendship: July is the Month to Celebrate Old and New Friends

In the Year of Love, every month has its own special type of Love that can be celebrated....

July represents the Love Of Friendship!

Deep bonds, shared pasts, love of the everyday, dependable, partners

Time to work on, and recognize Friednship!


1. An obvious one...Throw a Party!

Invite as many as you can, old and new. Try to bring multiple circles together, to create an atmosphere where people can meet others outside of their normal circles. Mix it up!

2. Reconnect!
Socialize with friends who you don't see very often, even older ones from your past. See if they get involved in your life again! (and visa versa)

3. Gift A Friend
Make or acquire a special gift for a new or old friend. A present 'just because'

4. Make new Friends
Pack your social schedule. Go to events often, It's the way to meet others, some of whom may become good friends.

Whatever you do this month, remember the Love Of Friendship and celebrate it anyway you can! - Gina

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