Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Museum of Heroic Women~MUSEE DES HEROINES

I'm very excited to announce a great new attraction in Second Life. Step by step, the virtual world gets more female-friendly content, in the struggle against the often sexist and patriarchal culture of SL.

The Museum of Heroic Women (MUSEE DES HEROINES) created by my friend Wanda  (wittsofwanda zapatero) explores famous Women of history and the courageous Women of today.

The museum is located in a beautiful setting and is fun to explore. There are frequent events, and new exhibits installed to keep things fresh.

From Wanda:
The Museum of Heroic Woman was founded in 2010, by Wanda (wittsofwanda zapatero).

The Museum of Heroic Women is a museum dedicated to showing the heroic deeds and strengths of women throughout time; from the ancient of days, to present.

About Wanda:

As a combatant in SecondLife, Wanda had noticed how many women felt less skilled as a fighter compared to men, no matter how skilled they were.

Wanda wanted to do something to lift the confidence of women and empower them. She decided to open this Museum and show the skilled leadership, strength, and power of women.

This museum does not represent the political views of any of the women it presents. All women have been chosen for a their heroic deeds.

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