Saturday, May 10, 2014

May is the Month of Love of Evolution: Gynarchy, Sisterhood, Matriacrhy, Femdom

As part of the Year of Love (a cosmology I promote) each month has its own 'form of love'....

May is the month of the Love Of Evolution!

"Greatness as We reach to a higher place in history every day, helping, growing love"

How to Honor this Month?
  1. Expose Sisters to the principles of Sisterhood, Matriarchy and Gynarchy. Every small step counts.
  2. Expose men to these same concepts, also in small steps.
  3. Note and publicize any examples you see of Evolved Sisters and men across the world and in your area.
  4. Evolve yourself! Research more every day! Expose yourself to varying opinions and ideals.
  5. Take more public stands against barbarism of any type, and preach for a totally new future.

    There is no limit to your creativity and energy! Let's spread the positive message! - Love, Gina

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