Saturday, March 22, 2014

Crushing a Slave Under A Riding Boot

A very cute picture by slave robert! 

Just another day in my riding boots, finding something soft and squishy to step on. I can feel the thing twitching under my sole. Nice feeling!

Teleport to Future Femdom City


  1. Stunning!!! Lovely Goddess knows no mercy!!! gasp!! this micro slave better look for a hide-out before it too, becomes a teensy smear under Goddess' Mighty Foot!!! :o

  2. Ahhh… the excruciatingly painful ecstasy of slowing being squashed beneath the merciless sole of Goddess Gina’s boot so as to provide her but a moment of pleasure. In the being of a lowly and worthless male insect there can be no worthier sacrifice.

    Slave Robert