Friday, August 1, 2014

Love of the Earth: August is the Matriarchal Month to Celebrate Her

Each month in the Year Of Love is very special in the Matriarchy. Each month is an aspect of the many forms of Love, and each has its own version of the Femstar Symbol.

August represents the Month of the Love of Earth!

Nature and her wisdom, her beauty, her own love for Us and Our Love in return

  1. Find a ruined space in your area and work to convert it into a 'green space'
  2. Plant something!
  3. Drink more water!
  4. Help somebody w/ their garden!
  5. Take a nature hike!
  6. Take some nature photos....and share them!
  7. Study a nature topic: a certain animal, natural phenomenon, biology, etc~
  8. Make a short video about soemthing in nature you love...and share, of course!
  9. Learn about the Divine Power of Woman and Her Intimate Connection to The Earth
  10. Have a Beautification Party! (everyone gets together to naturally beautify a space)
Good Luck and remember the Earth Goddess is Nature, and All Woman has her Within!

More about the Femstar and the Months of Love:

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  1. She will win.. : )