Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Loving Power of Worship Energy: A Glimpse Provided by Ginette Pinazzo

I walk into a cafe.
Escaping the chaos of the world outisde.
This isn't a 'private room' (as there are few of those on modern society!) 

I order tea and look around to see dozens of men, already in their perpetual states of loving worship.
The bodies surround me on the floor, scurrying to provide love and passion. Their wonderful lips doing their work, or begging to do more.

I smile to my Sisters, who are in various states of coffee-sipping and book-reading, all surrounded by differing numbers of men,  slaves that have all been bred to be absolutely perfect in every way, enjoyable to watch, to touch, to sense. One man simply kneels aside and acts like a bookrest, while another is massaging calves. One squirms at the feet and prays with soft murmurs, while another is curled up in the corner praying just a bit louder.

I settle into the chair of my choice and wait for tea while flipping through a tablet, as two men crawl to my feet and moan beautiful things before beginning their ritual kissing of boot leather.

The days when that would have been distracting are long over, because this is normal now.

This is room filled with wonderful Worship Energy.

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