Monday, November 5, 2012

A More Female-Friendly Second Life? Visit and Support the Matriarchal Hub and Womens Resource Center in SL

In the ongoing effort to help Second Life become a more female-friendly environment, we ask you to visit and support the constantly evolving Matriarchal Hub and Womens Resource Center.

The center has 5 main categories with new links to resources added every week.

  1. Women in Business
  2. Women in Community
  3. Women in Culture
  4. Women in Society
  5. Women in Wellness

See the Matriarchal Hub in the Second Life Destination Guide (comment and Like the hub, please!)

Purpose of the Hub:
To gather resources in one central location to create a transformative experience that helps promote a more female-friendly virtual world environment. Despite virtual worlds 'leading the way' in many areas, they still often perpetuate sexist and often misogynist trends. Within Second Life, for example, misogynist cults and rape culture are rampant. These destructive and barbaric tendencies are not even buried, but are very close to the surface. It is possible to find 'gorean' content (a thinly disguised misogynist cult) marketed on the homepage when residents first enter SL. Issues like this can easily be addressed with a campaign of awareness and education.  (many Gorean followers, for example, may not even realize the content they condone is based on rape and kidnapping)
The Matriarchy Hub/Womens Resource Center seeks to be an early step in the long process of awareness and education to alter the culture of Second Life to become more in-synch with changing demographics, to reflect and address the new cultures of Empowerment, women-as-leaders, Women as the key resident market.

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