Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Your Second Life Idiot Of The Day: Stupid Men That Stumble Into Future Femdom

I know this isnt really worth a blog post. After all, since when do stupid men get internet real estate on a  busy blog? Well, I think these tiny items have some comedy value.....plus it indicates exactly how regressive SL can be sometimes....PLUS it seems to be a blogger tradition to paste chat logs on rare occasion.....

So Zara seemed to be AFK with a man named bulldog standing next to her.......

[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo: welcome to FF bulldog....the 3 basic rules are in the spinning cubes above (required)

[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo: Hi Zara

[11:47] BulldogBabel: Hi
[11:47] BulldogBabel: sorry Zara is afk at the moment

[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo: ok...well you can read and follow the basic rules, then...since youre not afk.....just touch the cubes
[11:48] BulldogBabel: I did thanks


[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo: by follow I mean follow, of course

[11:50] BulldogBabel: I read, I have no intention of following them, when Zara is back we'll be leaving you in peace :)

[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo: then leave now
[11:51] BulldogBabel: read above she's afk
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo: Ill tell Zara that you left
[11:51] BulldogBabel: eject me if you're that small minded, I'll wait with her otherwise thanks

(ejected and banned)
Note: that photo attached is not of the pointless bulldog, but I thought it fit well

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