Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enjoy Delicious Chocolate and Be Worshiped by Ten Slaves at Once: New Bon Bon Chair at Future Femdom

Very excited to announce this all new item at Future femdom. The Bon Bon Chair allows you to sit and eat delicious chocolate candies, while being worshiped by up to ten men at once!

The chair includes a special 'wearable' bon bon candy (wear it from your Inventory)

The chair also includes a special 'rezzable' candy dish full of bon bons. If you 'sit' on the dish, you will be eating delicious bon bons from the dish.

Amazingly, the chair includes ten areas for slaves to use, so there is room for ten slaves to surround you and worship you as you eat!

This is the ultimate decadent deliciousness! This new chair is part of Future Femdom's Chocolate Boutique area.

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