Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Psalms of Woman by slave serf spot

Two wonderful pieces submitted by slave serf spot, emtitled Psalms of Woman.......

Psalm 1 of the Woman

i give thanks to the Women i serve directly who know i serve Them and Those who do not know but still serve.

Woman is God and God is Woman.

Praise Them for suffering my existence and i serve Them eagerly for They are my Masters

- slave serf

Psalm 2 of the Woman

the sun was ignited to show the power of Woman,
Her glory and Her paradise,
for mere simple men  shower in the light of Woman
and they revel in Her beauty and Her strength,
Her brilliance and darkness,
Her kindness and cruelty,
Her ability to heal and to wound,
Glorious Womankind guide us through Your dark to see Your light. Praise be Woman and suffer the man who serves You.
Praise be Goddess in all Her Glory!

- slave serf

We have these (and many of slave-submitted writings) on the Future Femdom site here

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