Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Future Femdom's Labour Policy: How The Banned May Get Unbanned

I am very happy that, generally,  the male members of the Future Femdom group and male visitors of the city are bred well and are wonderful worshipers. I find it very pleasing and exciting to wander the city and know that, generally, any slave you see will likely be a fun plaything and above all, very convenient and respectful.

Of course, in Second Life, we expect a certain amount of 'unpredictability'....

For various reasons, we have found it necessary to 'ban' a slave. In Second Life, banning means that a specific resident cannot enter the area again (unless unbanned by the land owner)

Why do we Ban?
Sometimes it is a absolute griefer, harassing brat, or mischievous troll. Sometimes it is someone who has arrived just to cause trouble, or someone who is a known misogynist or abusive personality throughout SL. (yes, I have banned a few abusives who may never have tried to enter Future Femdom before, but I know enough about them to prevent the possibility. I mean, really....who would want trolls like Counter Landfall aka Gavin Hird or discriminatory hacks like Solo Mornington anywhere near their peaceful and free land?) SL has its fair share of arrogant troublemakers; those ban lists can get quite lengthy!

More often than that, men are banned (and sometimes, Women who don't act very sisterly) because of simple rules violations. Sometimes its a small matter, and the ban in expected to be very temporary. Other times, it is a more serious level of disrespect and banning carries more weight.
A banned person will likely be able to remain in the Future Femdom group  (for communications sake) but will not be able to enter the actual land.

In any case, a man who disrespects the Sisterhood and/or the House Rules of Future Femdom is banned and then assigned a certain number of Labours. The number will reflect the nature of the transgression. Many transgressions carry a penalty of only one Labour, while more serious ones may be as high as 3 or even higher.

How To Get Unbanned
  1. The man must write a notecard, with a list of suggestions/proposals of WHAT THE MAN WILL DO. Suggested Labours are not the same as 'promises'. Labours are actions the man will DO to prove he really wants to return, and they MUST be actions he can do BEFORE the unban. (in other words, the Labours cannot be performed within Future Femdom)
  2. The man must send the notecard with the proposed Labours to Ginette Pinazzo
  3. If any of the Labours are approved,  the man may then do them.
  4. Once the approved Labours are finished, the man will be unbanned.
How To Get Unbanned
I completely refuse to suggest ideas for Labours. The men must be creative and think for themselves. We do not work for men. They are free to ask other men in the FF group for advice, or consult anyplace else, but it is not the task of the Sisterhood to think for men. The ideas do not need to be elaborate (but may be). The Labours can even be a fun and creative opportunity, and I feel the men that understand this are best suited to become our worshipers anyway.

Why This System?
Men must do the work. If they are serious enough to propose the Labours and do them, they are probably worth having back. Otherwise, who needs the lazy ones? I have found that the men who take the time and effort to come back properly often become wonderful worshipers. Those who whine about the Labours and don't do them, were never worth the trouble in the first place. Part of the Sisterhood is about responsibility, and to me that includes making sure that men do not manipulate or become lazy. To me, this includes having quality expectations and being strict about them.

More about the Labours System can be found at Future Femdom website

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