Sunday, October 14, 2012

Blogs Of Note: SaveMe Oh: Controversy Creativity and Comedy?

Part of my series of recommendations for interesting, exciting or useful blogs.

The always lovable, trending and controversial artist of Second LIfe, SaveMe Oh maintains a well-read blog abt her adventures in the virtual world. It's a wild ride of colorful commentary and quirky chat logs that range from hilarious to haunting.

SaveMe captures insight into the tumultuous world of Second Life, especially the dynamic and alluring 'art scene', that scene's inhabitants and personalities, and the ever-evolving 'drama' that some find addictive. Whether you love or hate (please don't hate!), the content is engaging and illustrates the absolutely energetic relationships that comprise the creative world of SL.

Is SaveMe a true protest artist or performance artist in the virtual world? Are those funny videos (machinima) works of poetic genius or cutting-edge comedy sketches? Are they both? You will have fun trying to find out in this blog. Like some of the best topical comediennes, SaveMe Oh never backs away from current goings-on in the SL universe.

Try some bitter chocolate with the sweet at SaveMe Oh's blog

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