Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Traditional Gender Roles: The Light We Bring: by Ginette Pinazzo

When people discuss 'traditional gender roles' they are not always looking back as far as they might, or considering the larger scale of humanity. The MOST traditional roles are those that exist deep within us.
As Women, we Create, We Connect...this is has always been so.....even before your current and very specific 'civilisation' appeared.
Men have done many great things....this should never be denied...but always they have done so in the shadow of Our Will...the Will of the Sisterhood.
Men: We have loomed over you throughout history, and we have laboured to keep the world alive.
As the world gets smaller. you will see us more clearly, from the shadows, rising above....and you will Live in the Light that We Bring.


  1. So true Goddess Gina, The Will of the Sisterhood is strong and overpowering. It rules.

  2. we depend on you for all life essentials, helpless tiny men waiting for life giving necesseties from our gigantic, powerful women!!