Saturday, May 7, 2011

Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival

Help the Japanese Red Cross and celebrate Japanese culture at the same time in Second Life during this incredible week-long festival!

From yoko Ireto:

Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival


Starting Sunday the 8th of May and for a whole week, Samurai Tokyo Mall will host the following 10 SL / RL artists, showcasing a variety of styles and techniques: photography, paintings, fractal art, sculpure....

- Aelin Quan
- Alexith Destiny
- Carlotta Ceawlin
- Cai Denimore
- Kayly Iali
- Korgi Lerwick
- Leonae Peretz
- Milly Sharple
- Soraya Till
- Yoko Ireto

The central stage will also host various SL events inspired by Japanese culture, such as Geisha Art of entertainment, CS:I Combat demonstrations and initiations, Role play classes. A list of all events and times will be available on site!

Most importantly, all proceeds from sales during the whole week will be donated to the Japan Red Cross. All donations will be matched by KatanaBlade Anubis, Founder of C:SI, up to $1000 American dollars.

Thankyou for helping.

Looking forward to seeing you at Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival to enjoy some of the many forms af Art and give a much needed support to Japan...

From yoko Ireto:

Samurai Tokyo Spring Art Festival

5-6 PM Slt Ninja demonstrations Daily

More events will be updated as they apply.

Silver Csak and Yoko Ireto

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