Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facesitting Times Two! Sit On Two Men At Once

It seems that 'Facesitting' is quite popular in Second Life (it's a term I had not met before) Depending upon Mood, I find it fun to sit on men, I'll admit it, though there was always something I never quite understood about it. Why does any one slave deserve such attention? It seems to me that 'Facesitting' as it is often practiced tends to appease some male desire for possessiveness I am very much opposed to. Of course, this is all solved now that i realized it's much more fun and meaningful to sit on more than one slave at a time. To illustrate this principle, we now have the Dual Facesitter available at Future Femdom (its under the Play Garden area of the city and also ion the Catalog Room). Trust me! After sitting on multiple men, you'll never go back to one again!
See the Dual Facesitter in Our Catalog
See the Dual Facesitter to try it!

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