Friday, June 3, 2011

JUNE 4th at 230 PM: Library of Erotica presents: Eroticana Showtime!

SAT 230PM SLT The new Library Of Erotica is holding a very special event filled with art, performance, comedy and literature! My friends are introducing this exciting new library to the world! PLUS they are opening a new FEMDOM section in the Library! This is historic! (and its about time) I would like to see Future Femdom members join in celebrating (notecard attached). More Femdom stories in the Library! Join me as I hope to help dedicate the new section!

Everyone's invited! – Eroticana Showtime
Library of Erotica, SLT 2.30pm Saturday 4th June

The Theatre Eroticana is opening its doors for the first time! Be the first to see and be seen

Burning hot Burlesque from Knockers Up
Celebrated Curti5 Rexen performing ‘A Goblin Kings Love’
Candescent comedy and delectable dancing from the Blue Moon Cabaret

And as if that’s not enough! The Library of Erotica is also showcasing Zindra Featured Photographer sabra Hemingway who is showing ‘Crossroads’- a dazzling erotic story in pictures. Along with all the winners from May’s short story and erotic poetry competitions.

Come along and indulge your senses with some of the most innovative and creative people in Second Life at the Theatre Eroticana tomorrow. Spread the word...

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