Monday, December 12, 2011

Skating for the Sisterhood: DEC 16 thru 31: Winter Fun at Future Femdom

Join us DEC 16 thru 31 at the Star Skating Rink in the sky over Future Femdom for 2 weeks of winter skating fun in Second Life complete 100% immersive societal Matriarchy!

TOUCH the glowing moon above the rink for a skating animation. or use your own skating animation.

There are fun Power Benches along the perimeter to use for relaxation (play with slaves!)

We have links to a wide range of skating accessories, clothes and animations if you need to do last-minute shopping.

Photo Contest! Each day we will award a prize for the best skating photo taken in the rink! (and winning photos will be posted online)

By New Year's, we will have grand prize the overall best photo from all entries

Be familiar with, and respect all rules of Future Femdom when here. (rules available at Landing Point when you arrive, plus a copy will be at the rink)

Men: if you want to be on the ice, you must be ON THE ICE. This means no skating......get on the floor and worship all Women around you. Become a fun skating obstacle or part of the floor so we skate over you! (PS - and be naked as always)

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