Monday, October 24, 2011

Goddess, Not Mistress....why? Ginette Pinazzo Explains

There are many reasons why the term 'Goddess' is being redefined for the Modern Age and reclaimed as an indicator of Empowerment, by spiritual means, by socio-political means, by means of self-awareness. There is also an amusing situation that arises within the confines of Second Life, wherein any Woman with the internal Goddess manifested is called 'Mistress' by countless men. I have always objected to the 'Mistress' moniker, for several reasons. It is very outdated and speaks to a time of human bondage, of forced slavery, of dark periods of human history. (not exactly shining moments of Empowerment) The term also refers, in some cases, to a 'kept Woman' by an aggressive and self-centered patriarchy. But there is an even more profound reason to think twice about the 'Mistress' term.....
Just as in the term 'Master', 'Mistress' implies ownership of others (slaves), dominion over them, control or dominance. A Woman need not be defined by slaves to be Empowered. To call me a 'Mistress' is defining me by the dominion over slaves. The term is a label that indicates I am defined as 'controlling' others.
I would suggest that true Empowerment has nothing to do with superiority over others, in any form, and that Goddess-Empowerment comes from deep within, and connects Us to the Goddess of All Creation. This has nothing to do with slaves. not assume we define ourselves by those who Worship Us. Assume We are Self-Aware, Goddess-Empowered.
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