Friday, October 7, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness and Dometstic Violence Awarness initiatives by Ann Meyers Medical Center in Second Life

In October there are 2 cases represented by a ribbon:
Breast (cancer) Awareness with a pink ribbon and
Domestic Violence Awareness with a purple ribbon.

AMMC hospital has been active for both ribbons in the past year, but is in the current setting too small to host events independent.
For October AMMC has set up information systems that addresses both cases,
for breast cancer we have an office where visitors can experience the steps in breast cancer screening and we are busy to organize a fund raiser in co operation with one of the biggest clubs in SL.

About the information systems: they are both experimental, but visitors can get a link to a website while in world.
This a very useful approach since visitors with a specific question can browse for answers in a setting (a virtual world) where they did not expect to find it.
In case of Domestic violence this is a unique approach since people who are victim of Domestic violence can search for answers without leaving a trace on their home PC where it can be read by the abuser.

How YOU can help:

AMMC hopes to organize in co operation with you all, activities to enhance awareness for both topics.
AMMC hopes you or your organization, have ideas, space, or what ever to make it happen.
Those individuals or organizations willing to participate please contact, using a note card: Vera Zhaoying or drop ideas in the mail box located in the AMMC lobby.

Signed Vera Zhaoying
(AMMC co- director)

Visit AMMC: Ann Meyers Medical Center in Second Life

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