Monday, March 13, 2017

Foot Shoe Boot Worship in the Red Room at Future Femdom: Have Men Where They Belong!

There is a cute area in the city of Future Femdom (in Second Life) called the Red Room, where there many way to relax and chat w/ friends while having yourself worshiped by many men!

Whether you wear boots, shoes or enjoy going barefoot, this spot has some interesting options for group play!

There is the simple Femdom Sofa,, where you can rest booth feet on a man.

Then there is the Femdom Squueze Chair, where you can 'milk' a man if you want, using your feet (well, I keep my boots on)

Finally, there is multipurpose Femdom Foot Worship Settee, with room for up to four slaves at once!

BTW, Thirsty? Try our fun Nectarpop drink!

So, next time in Future Femdom, make sure to try the Red Room!

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