Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shrinking Men to be Tiny Worshipers: What the Slave* Group Tag Means in Future Femdom: Second Life Giantess GTS

In Second Life, the Matriarchal City (and group) of Future Femdom has countless fun ways to play and relax, using men as our playthings. One of the more unusual and fantastical features if a system that allows men to be shrunk to very small size!

All members in the Future Femdom group are given a basic 'member' group tag once they first join. If they pass certain basic tests (to ensure they understand the FF principles and will respect them), they are then graduated to more specific tags.

Anyone wandering Future Femdom city or browsing the group's membership will be able to tell, at a glance, who has reached that point.

All Women graduate to the 'Goddess' group tag.
Men graduate to the 'slave' tag.
SOME men also have the 'slave*' tag.

The asterisk indicates that the man in shrinkable! Now, any  Goddess will know that the men can be shrunk. Very convenient. (if she tells the man to 'SHRINK' he must do so)

NOTE: The actual Shrunken Slave System required to be shrunk is available at Future Femdom's Slave Shrinking Center. This a system designed to work specifically with many types of furniture and poses. Other such systems designed elsewhere (while they may look prettier)  may not be compatible.

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