Sunday, February 12, 2017

Slave Jono's Prayer to Boot Goddess Gina and All Women: Femdom Writing Makes Us Happy!

I encourage all men to learn how writing prayers to Us, the Matriarchal leaders of the Future (ie: Women!) is a wonderful exercise. Not only does this make Us feel great, it also trains men to be better writers, communicators and more detail-oriented worshipers. A win-win!

Prayer to the Divine

Goddess i beg your notice for but a moment
to feel your eyes over my unworthy self
prostrate and naked vulnerable and exposed
willing and obedient existing only to serve
Pain and humiliation is my reward for your pleasure and amusement
to bear the marks of your dominance a patina upon my skin
i bleed and sweat in devoted adoration the stripes a blessing marking my flesh
kissing your feet in worship.. my mouth yours to command my body yours to abuse.. and yet nothing is mine.. as it is all yours
to feel your touch as velvet is just as desirable as feeling your palm strike my face.
by your grace grant me a moment.. and let me worship you in exquisite pain and rapture at the sight of your pleasing smile.
In Service Goddess.. now and always.

- slave jono

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