Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prayer For the Matriarchy: Poem by slave red

We encourage slaves to submit poems, prayers, essays or stories about the Matriarchy. The more, the better! Here is a recent poem submitted by slave red. Enjoy!
Note: We archive these femdom stories and writings on the Future Femdom website, and many are also in our inworld Future Femdom Reading Room at the city itself. Teleport there now!

A puppet without strings waits humbly on his knees,
Not a puppet master he waits for but a Goddess to try and please.
His world is numb till she appears and gives his life true meaning,
His eyes drawn to her boots as he jumps to help her preening.

At once this lifeless puppet transforms to an eager worm,
Broken by a glance, heeled to writhe and squirm.
He feeds off power and beauty, proudly raising higher,
The Goddess who he worships, who sets his soul on fire.

His obedience is total and his soul is hers to spoil,
Her every word his command: to slave, to love, to toil.
This puppet is all men, his behavior is common,
As the man submits and surrenders now, to the dominant Woman.

- by red slave

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  1. Awesome Red....couldn't have said it better.