Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In the Year 2525 ♡ jane rossi: Can you Spot Future Femdom?

A wonderful fanmade music video to Jane Rossi's cover of The Year 2525. Can you spot FF in the video?


  1. Nice song, better than the original version, but I've never been a fan of slide show music videos.

    This YouTube video includes the song version in the opening credits of "Cleopatra 2525", which was broadcast 2000-2001. It was about three female freedom fighters battling to free the Earth from the slavery of an alien race. At the time I was excited by the concept, but it was poorly made, mostly due to being squashed into 22-minute episodes for a 30-minute time slot. I don't think America was ready for a series in which women save the world.

  2. hi, where can we get the song that was used in this video? the lady singing it? its great and wonderful video!

    1. Just look up singer Jane Rossi. I believe this cover was released on vinyl as a single in the 80s. The song was covered many times by others, too: