Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shrunken Slaves: You Might Just Get Squashed

As the interest and involvement in Future Femdom grows, I am happy to say that more and more men are shrinkable these days. Many of them use our own Shrunken Slave System or another system they found someplace else. (ours is the best, of course!)

In either case, if you see a man at Future Femdom with the special *slave tag (with the asterisk) that tag lets you know they are shrinkable. Just tell them to SHRINK when you wish and they will comply.

However, with this new influx of tiny men, I have noticed a trend. Many of them arrive at Future Femdom already shrunken.

Firstly, its better to arrive full-size and WE will decide when to shrink you, if and when we want.

Secondly, if men arrive already tiny, like a bug, the chance of them getting squashed quickly is very high.

Why? Think about it.....When an insect suddenly appears and scurries across the floor, what is our instinct? To shout then step on it, crush it, kill it. This is exactly what happens when a tiny man appears and scurries across the floor. SQUASH.

So, men, try to arrive full-sized and we will shrink you when we want. If not, don't be surprised if you get crushed under a boot and smeared across the floor!


  1. Hello goddess. I have the device shrinkage and often have entered already shrunk into future femdom... unfortunately, I have never been lucky enough to be crushed by a goddess ... I dream of seeing my avatar get stepped on by a goddess like you.


  2. Just stay involved....I am sure it will happen, little squishy one!